iOS 15.5 Second Beta: Check the New Apple Balance Card

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The second developer beta is even lighter on updates to iOS.

iOS 15.5 Second Beta: Check Out the New Apple Balance Card - CNET


Apple released iOS 15.4 in March. Featuring 37 new

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emojis and the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask, iOS beta builds often drop immediately after the latest version is released to the public, but Apple has been unusually slow with each iPhone operating system update.

Next iPhone and iPad owners have been waiting for the better part of the month for iOS 15.5, but now we have 2 builds in 15.5 and have a better understanding of what the next iOS version will look like.

Apple released the second beta version of iOS 15.5 on Wednesday, April 20, about two weeks after the beta started. Most of the 15.5 changes are smaller app tweaks. This lays the foundation for larger future changes.

The biggest functional change in beta 15.5 is the inclusion of 'send' and 'request' buttons for the cash section of Apple Pay, saving you a few steps from making those transactions.