The characteristics of ManuFacturr of Welding and Cutting Dust Products

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manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products

Manufacturr of Welding and Cutting Dust Products is a type of inverse directional fillers absorbing tower. When the acid gas is cut into the purification tower along the intake inlet below the tower body. Under the power of the ventilator, it quickly fills the air inlet space, and then evenly rises to the* -level filler absorption section through the average flow section.

1. ManuFacturer of Welding and Cutting Dust Products Features:

1. The scope of application is as follows: It can be widely used in chemical, light industry, printing and dyeing, medicine, steel, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, electroplating and other industrial departments. SOX), nitrogen oxides (NOX), carbon oxide (CO, CO2) and other acidic gases.

2. Having high purification efficiency; the SST series purification tower adopts a secondary reverse spray, and the filler is larger than the surface area. The gas and liquid comparison determined by the test research ensure stable performance. -95%.

3. The low resistance of this product equipment is based on ensuring enough gas liquid contact area. The Tianqing Purification Tower uses the fill varieties and structural forms of air dynamic characteristics*, so that the equipment resistance does not exceed 40 mm water columns under the rated air volume. It is various domestic various domestic types. The padding absorption tower is a kind of resistance ZUI. This is extremely beneficial to the corrosion -resistant low -voltage ventilator.

4. The area covers a small area; the purification tower combines the tower body, absorbing slot, circulating pump, and absorbing liquid pipeline system into a complete set of equipment. The structure is compact, which is convenient for on -site installation and operation management. It can be adapted to technical reform projects.

manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products