Blizzard hasn't made any comments on the change

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The testing version of the game's patch WoTLK Gold also seems to be strangely lacking an emote specifically, the /spit expression directed towards other players. Since the release of Blizzard's MMO, players have been allowed to spit on other players or characters using a specific target and typing"/spit. It's no longer possible in the latest PTR version, however players can still make use of the emote when on the ground.

Blizzard hasn't made any comments on the change, and the emote may still be used in the current edition of Burning Crusade Classic as well as the newest Shadowlands expansion, which is causing players to question why this change is taking place. According to WoWhead, some have speculated that the change could be due to players using the emote to get rid of players who bought the digital edition of the deluxe edition of Burning Crusade Classic, a bundle of microtransactions , which includes a level boost and a brand-new mount , which was not available in the original edition of Burning Crusade.

A recent statement from Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, released in the aftermath of a state of California lawsuit that outlines a history of discrimination and harassment at the studio. The statement stated that material deemed "inappropriate" is going to get removed and removed from Activision Blizzard games, but didn't expand on what that might mean. An additional statement by the WoW development team says that they is taking steps that would "cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold remove references that aren't appropriate for the current environment."