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An essay is one of the most difficult forms of creative work in school.

An essay is one of the most difficult forms of creative work in school. Writing an essay involves the ability to deeply understand the topic, logically, argumentatively, figuratively state his thoughts, draw conclusions and generalizations. The essay Essay Assistant testifies to the level of development of the student's speech, independence and originality of his thinking.

When writing an essay you must: determine the range of issues covered by the topic: what you need to write about to reveal it; think about the idea that will develop in the essay: formulate the main idea of the work, the conclusion on the topic; determine the type of text and genre of essay: a description, narrative, argument, essay, portrait sketch, etc.; make a plan, observing the sequence of presentation of thoughts; deeply and provably reveal the topic; to write the work in a speech-literate manner, observing the norms of spelling.

The idea of your work is what you want to say about the topic, it is the attitude to the subject of description, impressions of the event about which you tell, the position-thesis and the nature of the arguments in the reasoning.

The definition of genre is based on the functional and semantic type of text. There are three main varieties: narrative, description and reasoning.

Narrative is a story about events, incidents, actions. In it, one action is replaced by another, another by a third, and so on, so the dominant role in this form of verbal expression belongs to verbs, especially the past perfect tense forms.

Description is a verbal depiction of some phenomenon of reality by listing its characteristic features: the description of an object (what object), a place (where what is there), the state of the environment (what is it like here), the state of a person (what is he/she like here).

Reasoning is verbal proof (why so and not otherwise; what follows from it), explanation (what it is), reflection (how to be; what to do). It differs from narrative and description, first of all, by more extended and complexly constructed sentences (with isolated turns, various types of unionless and unionless connection) and abstract vocabulary, i.e. a significant number of words denoting concepts (in narrative and description the words denoting concrete objects and phenomena prevail).


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