Brian Birmingham: I remember much of it

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I remember crawling up the hills that lead to Zangarmarsh, all the way to Nagrand and of course getting killed and having to WoTLK Gold ask, "Where the heck was my body?" And spending another half hour trying find it. It's pretty insane. I'm sure the imagination of that team has always blown me away But I think they set the right mood through Burning Crusade. It was...definitely trying to duplicate what they'd done in WoW that is now WoW Classic. And I think that has set the tone for every expansion since. I'm sure that when we have conversations today, we're discussing Shadowlands we want it to be different. We look back "Yeah and think about the variety they offered within Burning Crusade. That is the standard; we've got the chance to be that or better."

Obviously a massive part to the expansion was the introduction of the new races which included the Draenei as well as the Blood Elves. Can you briefly talk us through the concept and the implementation of those races, and how, as far as you remember your thoughts about how their introduction might mix up the meta?

Brian Birmingham: I remember much of it was trying to offer the ability to find someone you could relate to on the basis of your preferred faction. There is no doubt that people have a group identity and want to be part of the faction which they can identify with. Sometimes, you've had friends who were telling you, "Hey, come play with us in this group." Then you think "Well I'd like to feel comfortable there." So, giving something like The Blood Elves to the Horde and the Draenei to the Alliance offers you that chance to say "Well I'd like to be that tall guy with that distinctive appearance." You could then achieve that. Or, "I want to be the type of beautiful elf." Well, you can accomplish that too. We're trying to ensure that they feel that they are part of their respective groups, yet you also want to feel that they might be something you connect with. This was something that was crucial back then, and it's just as important to us right now.

I remember playing hard back then , and when Blood Elves came out, everyone was so excited for Blood Elves and I was like, "I think the Draenei look amazing. I'd like to be one of them but they're now on Alliance." But, in reality, I'm playing Alliance now because Classic was my chance to resets and to say, "Let me try the alternative." I've never played any of those quests. I'm not familiar with what the storyline is. There's a separate chapter cheap WoTLK Classic Gold. It's a good thing that Classic has been my opportunity to take a different perspective and also see the chapters from a new angle. So , I'll have the opportunity to play a Draenei at last.