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BEE Consulting, LLC (BEE) has been providing Building Envelope Consulting services for over 20 years throughout the Puget Sound area and the Pacific Northwest. The BEE Team is a group of licensed professional engineers, energy consultants, CAD drafters, experienced construction consultants

Each brand will receive BEE Registration before it can provide its own million units with BEE performance certification. In addition, they have to issue certifications for BEE assessment for their merchandise. Be sure you understand that the BEE Star Ratings denote how energy-efficient the merchandise is the higher the number of stars, the bigger its impact is BEE Consultants provides full building envelope design, quality assurance, and energy analysis in a single convenient location. This simplifies things for our customers, as we can ensure the performance of all of the components of the building envelope from their proper placement and sealing to their waterproofing and air barrier specifications.

BEE specializes in constructing Energy Modeling, Envrionmental Compliance bliss Code, air Barrier Design and WUFI design for building owners, architects, MEP consultants, and sustainability consultants.We believe that incorporating energy modeling will be a key element of the climate change agenda, because such a mode offers a high ROI, can help reduce costs, and can help reduce carbon emissions.

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