We are in the middle of June

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If we read between Madden 23 coins the lines , it appears that Madden NFL 23 is saying that, despite conducting an investigation that ended a week ago, nowhere did the league discover "credible evidence" that an offense against the personal conduct policy was committed by Watson. Should they have, the exempt list should be activated. From Madden NFL 23's own policies:

"The Madden NFL 23 will be following a fair, predictable process to investigate the incident, and then in disciplinary action if an violation was committed." Is this Watson inquiry been fair? No, because numerous accusers claim that there was no contact with the Madden NFL 23 never contacted them.Has the Watson investigation been unpredictably? Yes, as he's been treated with special care based on the previous investigation processes.

We are in the middle of June, with the schedule announced, the training camp set is scheduled for the coming weeks and, as of now, a man accused of sexually inflicting physical and emotional harm on more than 20 women will walk the field in the manner that nothing ever has ever happened. It's been a massive mistake by Madden NFL 23. It is a deliberate attempt to protect Watson from the Browns while hoping the public forgets. All while dedicating immense time and effort to the process without any evidence of the findings or the progress.

This Madden NFL 23 should be ashamed, but that's not possible without an entity that can be capable of making a change. Now is the time for fans and sponsors to demand answers. This has gone on long enough. After almost 16 years and 9 different teams, Ryan Fitzpatrick is calling his career. The 39-year-old quarterback has decided to hang the ball and is sending out messages to former teammates, and saying thanks to them for mut coins madden 23 being part of his professional career and the list of his teammates is long.