The company has registered two trademarks in the UK

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RSorder Offers Cheap OSRS Gold(OSRS GP). RuneScape Products (Old School, RS3) for sale with more surprises.

RuneScape OSRS gold is free to play, however members have access to additional quests, skills and other bonuses. You can try the subscription for free during a an initial seven-day trial. Mobile versions allow cross-play and cross-progression with PC and PC, which allows you to switch between the two platforms and then continue the same way you left off.

Note that this isn't Old School RuneScape, a version of the game based on a version of 2007. This version has been available in iOS and Android since the year 2018. This is the full-blown RuneScape that Jagex has been constantly updating for the last 20 years.

There's a huge demand for RuneScape on iOS in addition to Android. More than 1.8 million players have pre-registered for these versions, with an interface for mobile users that is mobile-friendly, with revamped menus, icons, texts and textures. Combat mechanics were also tweaked for iOS and Android.

The company has registered two trademarks in the UK, one to "OSRS Gold" and one for "RS Gold" and stating that the company has registered trademarks that use the words as words. This could prevent third-party websites from having the ability to make claims that they sell RS Gold.

A cursory Google search for either of these terms results in hundreds of websites many of them with one of the terms listed in their URL, that offer the possibility of currency in RuneScape as a substitute for real money. This followed the news on October 13 that Jagex announced that it was ending the practice of "real-world trade". In a blog post posted to their website "The RuneScape Team" stated that "gold bought cheap OSRS gold through RWT real world trading is a major issue in any online game that has a tradeable currency."