It is the Rim Protector Badge Pack

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One is the extent to 2K MT which it can affect the lineup of your team, and the other is how much you could get from auction. These cards are the top that are available in Flash 4 Pack; they are sure to provide you with lots of NBA 2K23 MT during the auction to help gain in MyTEAM.The top player cards in Flash 4 Pack:John wall (PG/SG)-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)Clyde Drexler (SG/SF)-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)Penny Hardaway (PG/SG)-Diamond (94 OVR)John WallHe was once one of the most talented players who played on behalf of the Wizards and was chosen to be selected by NBA 2K as being one of the most outstanding player in Washington Wizards history. He is a point guard in the most successful team in history.

It is the Rim Protector Badge Pack is included in the newly released NBA 2K23 locker code which improves the player's blocking ability and increase the teammate's takeover meter, make it possible to unlock new block animations and offer blocking and blockers. 'S teammates increase the taking over meter when they block shots; for specific information about the code, please visit NBA2king.COM.Name Rim protectorControl Y/TriangleSkills: Defense Inside defense BlockType Defense/Rebound badge

The badge has to be used along to the intruder badge as well as the chasing artist badge in order to have the greatest effect. The structure of the perfect suitable badge includes a paint guard, inside guard, and glass cleaner.This badge has defensive and blocking capabilities. During the game, the player is able to activate the badge by blocking shooting. If the offensive player does this, you should not jump over and set a time limit so that you do not jump. Also, you can use hands-up moves to protect the shot.It is important to note that games played in simulation do not make up the criteria for obtaining badges. There are four levels of badges that include Bronze, Silver, Gold along with Hall of Fame.Famous NBA players who wear Buy NBA 2K23 MT Coins this badge on HOF: Hakeem Olajuwon, Dikembe Mutombo, Rudy Gobert, etc.