Talk about the led light bar for home brand suitable for domestic popular lamps

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led light bar for home

Energy and weather are huge challenges facing people today, so natural and harmless energy conservation has become the focus of the world's concerns.

The lamp body of led light bar for home is small and exquisite, suitable for domestic popular lamps, and easy to assemble; the style is new, the technology is exquisite, and the products are unified.

High energy saving: saving energy and energy without pollution is green and environmental protection. The replacement of low energy consumption electric power is close to 100%, and the consistent lighting effect saves more than 80% of energy compared to the old-fashioned photovoltaic energy. Long time: led light bar for home Others call it a long-lived light, which means a light that will never be extinguished. Solid-state cold photoelectric energy, epoxy resin packaging, there is no loose factor in the lamp body, there are no disadvantages such as lamp flashing, easy burning, thermal precipitation, light decay, etc. 10 times longer.

As far as lighting is concerned, its battery consumption accounts for about 20% of the total, and reducing lighting electricity consumption to a large extent is the main way to save energy. With its efficient, fast, cost-saving and energy-saving features, led has achieved unprecedented opportunities in the field of lighting.

Nowadays, there are many small unit packaging factories in China because they do not have color distinguishers. It will be illuminated that the flashing colors of the lamps are different, and this relative quality is difficult to guarantee. Under almost normal conditions, it is processed by automatic machines, with exquisite layout and conspicuous appearance. If the layout is not good, it means that it is made by hand, and it also indicates that the manufacturer's level is not good. Almost led light bar for home will use aluminum lamp body and plastic lamp socket. Aluminum has an eye-catching appearance, no roughness, and good heat dissipation.

The price of led light bar for home with different lighting is different, and the price of led light bar for home with normal light and high brightness is different. Therefore, users must know what kind of lighting they should be in the familiar time, so that they can accurately identify their own products, so that the merchant can help you determine the exact price.

led light bar for home