Heroes are flyingHeroes are flying

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Heroes are flyingHeroes are flyingHeroes are flyingHeroes are flying

The three coquettish young girls had already swept in. One of them was holding a middle-aged man with black blood at the corners of his mouth. "Girl," he said, "he has already committed suicide by taking poison!" Gu Xinmei's expression changed greatly, and she immediately found that the corner of the mouth of the man who fell to the ground was also overflowing with black blood. She pulled open her lower jaw and found that there was a broken tooth in the man's mouth. Gu Xinmei said coldly, "Hum, Bai Lingjiao is really good. He would hide poisonous powder in his teeth and drag it down and throw it away!" "Yes," the coquettish girl promised! Girl, Xiao Huan has been killed. "Hum, it must be dozing off again. Damn it, throw it away!" After the three girls left, Gu Xinmei sat at the table and pondered. Qin Yi sat on the couch and thought, "This woman is very skillful in martial arts. She is fast and ruthless. No wonder the Hundred Flowers Church is so famous." After half a ring, she saw Gu Xinmei sitting on the edge of the couch and said with a smile, "Ah Yi, thanks to your touch!" Qin Yi pretended to smile shyly and said in a low voice, "I.." I didn't mean to. I dreamed I was there with you. "Gege, you finally showed your true side. You didn't pretend to be a gentleman just now. Well, go on to rest!" With that, he dragged Qin Yi to the couch together. * * * Early the next morning, the carriage immediately galloped along. "Ah Yi," said Gu Xinmei in a crisp voice, "let's go back to see our parents earlier,30ml Dropper Bottle, so that we won't be pestered by the people of the Bai Ling Sect again." What is the Bai Ling religion? Why do you keep picking on you? Gu Xinmei said with a smile, "Hum, the White Spirit Sect was originally a group of horse thieves outside the Shanhaiguan Pass. Over the years, they have not only settled down in the Taishan Stronghold, but also vigorously recruited and sold horses. They even dreamed of devouring this sect. How can this be?" Qin Yidao, "can you make trouble for them?" "The leader of this religion has other plans. You didn't sleep well last night. Make up for it again." 。 After Qin Yi lay down, as soon as he saw her sitting still, he immediately asked,Glass Cream Jars, "Xinmei, why don't you sleep?" Gu Xinmei took out three pills and put them in her mouth. Then she put them in his ear and said, "Ah Yi, when Xinmei fought with that man last night, she realized that her strength had declined a lot and she had to adjust her breath." Qin Yi was puzzled and said, "How could your skill decline?" Gu Xinmei kissed his handsome face and said, "It's not your handsome son. You don't have a good rest. How can you not have a problem?" "This.." I'm sorry Qin Yi apologized. Gege, it doesn't matter, you go to bed first! With that, he kissed him again and then got up to breathe. As soon as Qin Yi saw that she had begun to adjust her breath, he began to think about his actions. He decided to take the risk of going to the Hundred Flowers Sect to have a look. Maybe he could help Wu Liangpin a lot in the future. As for the sudden disappearance, he would go back and explain his apology to the people of the Lan family. As soon as his mind moved, he felt full of energy and immediately went to sleep at ease. As a matter of fact, Qin Yi did not know that he had been quietly planted by the Tang family, which was caused by holding a big wine jar every day, coupled with such abundant skills, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, Gu Xinmei was not unlucky. It's a good thing he didn't exercise, otherwise, she would have lost even more. The carriage kept galloping along, and they used dry food all the way except for the rest at night. After ten days, they finally arrived at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. Huangshan Mountain is the most prosperous place in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. A magnificent castle stands at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. It is the Baihua Sect that has attracted the attention of Wulin for more than 30 years, but dare not go to encircle and suppress it without authorization. The carriage was still more than a mile away from Baihuajiao. It was immediately stopped by a sentry. A young girl took out her waist tag and whispered a few words. The carriage began to pass. Along the way, it was stopped in seven places one after another. Qin Yi couldn't help asking in a low voice, "Are you tired of stopping like this?"? Why not just set up a passing flag? Gu Xinmei nodded and said, Eh? That's a good idea. I can respond to the religious leader. Ah Yi, you are not familiar with the religious rules and the people in the church. You'd better see more and talk less. "I know, Xinmei, I'm a little nervous!" Qin Yi pretended to be afraid and whispered. Gu Xinmei took him by the hand and comforted him by saying, "Don't be afraid. I will take care of you after you are taught.". ” Qin Yi began to understand the situation slowly and asked tentatively, "Yes, Xinmei, what is your position in the church?" "My father is the chief leader of this church, just below the leader and vice leader. I am currently the leader of the altar. There are the leader, the chief leader, the leader and the vice leader." Qin Yi shouted, "Do you have a big official position?" "There are five halls of red, white, yellow, blue and purple in this church. My mother is the head of the Scarlet Letter Hall, and I am one of the five heads of the Scarlet Letter Hall. In addition, my father is the head of the hall. Therefore, I will not be bullied. Let's go in and talk about it when we arrive." After Qin Yi got out of the car, he immediately found that the castle was at least four feet high. There was a tall wooden door in front of the castle, and eight big men dressed in colorful clothes stood on both sides of the door. Watching them come one by one, the leading man smiled and said, "Lord of the ancient altar, are you back?"? May I have the name of your friend? Gu Xinmei said in a crisp voice, "His surname is Qin, and his single name is Yi. He is going to be a disciple of the Scarlet Letter Hall." "Yes!"! Yes! Come in, please With a "boom", the tall wooden door slowly moved to the right, and Qin Yi followed Gu Xinmei to the gate and immediately appeared in a vast courtyard. A cluster of flowers was planted in the middle of the courtyard and a cluster of bamboos was planted in the west. Not only was there no sense of beauty, but it also looked disorganized. Qin Yi immediately recalled that Wu Liangpin had mentioned that the Hundred Flowers Sect had a mechanism array. As soon as he realized it, Gu Xinmei whispered, "Ah Yi, although this place is calm now, in fact it is already full of mechanisms and arrays. If it is started, the birds will not be able to cross it!" Qin Yi asked, "What if you accidentally fall into it?" Gu Xinmei said softly, "It's a dead end, Ah Yi. According to the religious rules, you must be searched first. Do you mind?" "No, but you won't leave!" Qin Yi looked at her. No, go! With that, he immediately took Qin Yi to the small room on the right side behind the gate. As soon as the door opened,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, I saw an old man with scars all over his face sitting on a chair. Gu Xinmei smiled and said in a crisp voice, "Old Shao, I have brought a new disciple to report for duty." 。 penghuangbottle.com