Legend of the Dog God

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Legend of the Dog GodLegend of the Dog GodLegend of the Dog God

Sun Feiyang did not expect this woman to be so powerful, it seems that this is a master, a little want to return to the city signs. Although Mu Yan ran's realm of cultivation was not too high, her character made her very experienced in fighting. How could she not know the intention of the other party? She released the phoenix hairpin with one hand and said in a charming voice, "I said that all the people in the Jingxian Alliance are pustules. If they can't beat them, they will run away!" Sun Feiyang was scared out of his wits by a flaming wind of fire. He turned around and ran away without taking his sword away. Suddenly, there was a roar in the air: "Who dares to say that there is no one in our immortal alliance?" A familiar water-blue auspicious beast flew into the air and pulled back the fire phoenix with its tail. There was another group of people in the field. The leaders were four people, three of whom were also acquaintances of Ling Juntian and Ling Xu. The three Li brothers and another woman in a fancy aqua blue dress looked very young and beautiful. She was only in her twenties. Her thin eyebrows were slightly raised at the corners, which was very charming. Feng Fengdan said in a low voice: "Now the Immortal Worship Alliance is playing too much. The three men are the three Li brothers of the Yingfeng Hall, and the woman is Lan Ruoshui, the head of the Water Gathering Hall. The Immortal Worship Alliance is all out of the three halls, and the martyrs are in trouble!" The number of practitioners in the field has increased several times, from dozens before to hundreds, all of whom are above the age of yuan Ying. Ling Juntian secretly admired the strength of the immortal alliance, all of a sudden can bring together hundreds of practitioners above the yuan Ying period to come, among them Li Yan and Lan Ruoshui are the cultivation of the split extreme period, at least equivalent to the late distraction, it seems that this is really trouble,Oil Dropper Bottle, he can't watch Mu Yan ran and hit it hard, this woman is really trouble. Sun Feiyang flew to the front of the three Li brothers and Lan Ruoshui in a mess, panting: "You finally came!" The four seemed to look down on him, and didn't even look at him. Sun Feiyang was a little embarrassed, but he didn't dare to say anything. He stood aside depressed. In the crowd, Yang Zijie found Ling Juntian and others and flew over to greet them: "Senior.". You're here, too. It won't happen again this time. Ling Juntian is very fond of this disciple of Jingxian Alliance. He only saved him once,Amber Dropper Bottles, but he never forgot it. It seems that his character is good. Ling Juntian nodded his head and said, "If you really fight later, you don't have to worry about anything. For you, the school is still the most important thing." Yang Zijie looked a little embarrassed. After pondering for a long time, he looked up and said, "I will never attack my savior. No matter when, senior, this time our leader may also come. You should be careful." Then turned back to the crowd, Ling Juntian and Ling Xu looked at each other and nodded, this person is really good. Hearing the chief of Jingxian Alliance coming, Feng Fengdan and Buddha all shook their bodies. Ling Juntian and Ling Xu both felt the reaction of the crowd. The former said with a relaxed smile: "It seems that the leader of the alliance is very powerful, which makes everyone react so strongly!" Feng Fengdan said respectfully: "Master, you don't know something. The leader of the alliance is Wu Haogan, glass cream jars ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, whose name is Ganfeng Zhenren. He is a master in the late period of splitting. Now the person in charge of Jingxian City is also the first person to cultivate the virtuous star. Generally, he seldom appears on these occasions. There has been a famous saying in the realm of cultivation: "Gathering is not good, gathering virtuous is dry, and Ziyan is in the middle!" Now Shizu has risen, and the remaining two great masters are no small matter. " Lingxu calculated in his mind that the later stage of the split pole might be equivalent to the level of the later stage of the combination, which was two chips higher than the cultivation in the early stage of his emptiness. Although the cultivation of Buddhism and practitioners was not directly proportional, this cultivation was really extraordinary. "Elder Martial Brother," said Chuanyin. If Wu Haoyi really comes. But our cultivation is really extraordinary. Chuanyin said, "Elder Martial Brother, if Wu Haogan really comes, we may really be in trouble. In addition, it is difficult for these hundreds of practitioners to escape. It is better to take Mu Yanran away earlier.". ” Ling Juntian also understood that the situation was rather serious. He turned to the crowd and said, "This trip is rather dangerous. If anything goes wrong, we may all be destroyed inside. Mu Yan Ran has nothing to do with you. You'd better stay outside and watch!" The three Buddhists immediately disagreed. Guru Mengma blurted out, "This is not feasible. If the Great Elder has any mistakes that we can't afford, not to mention that we can't even afford the whole Buddhist sect of Juxian Star and Jushou Star. In this way, how can we go back and explain? It's better to be with the Great Elder. It's also an explanation that we're not here. Ge Qiwen sighed, "I don't have time now. If I have time to go back and ask all the Buddhist disciples of Juxianxing to come, I may still have a fight." Lingxu immediately shook his head and said, "No, in that case, it will cause a struggle between the Buddhists and the practitioners for the sake of personal enmity. How can I face the Master Shuiyuan who is sitting down?" Feng Fengdan also said that he could not watch from the side, if Ling Juntian died, he could not learn the orthodox way of Dan, and it was not interesting to live in the world, and the teacher could not stand idly by when he was an apprentice. The people fight to fight but there is no result, Mu Jun ran that side has started to fight. Mu Yan ran saw that the three leaders of Jingxian Alliance had all arrived, although their cultivation had been greatly improved, but in the face of so many people, she knew that this time she would not be able to get good, but her strong character did not allow her to escape, so she had to bite the bullet. She used all the power in her body to pinch the magic formula and hit the fire wind hairpin. This time, the fire phoenix hairpin made two sounds of wind, and turned into two phoenixes, one red and one blue, and swept them over together. Li Jifeng gave a cry and muttered, "How can this woman's cultivation progress so fast? It's completely different from the last time." Lan Ruoshui threw out the blue water glass. The water-based auspicious beast was much more flexible in my hands this time than the last time. It rolled up and down to absorb the water in Jingxian City. A long tail began to whip the fire phoenix again. Fire phoenix is very uncomfortable in front of the water-based auspicious beast, this time Mu Yan ran also learned to be smart, will change the illusion of the phoenix, let the blue ice phoenix to attack the blue water glass, let the fire phoenix to attack several people. In this way,Blue Bottle Serum, the situation changed, and the blue ice phoenix was not afraid of water whipping and water. On a rampage Lan Ruoshui was scattered up and down, and he was so angry that he was itching with hatred. penghuangbottle.com