A record of survival in the last days

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A record of survival in the last daysA record of survival in the last days

After ordering the doctor, Zhou Yulong moved his eyes to Zhou Guobin, who was wrapped in bandages and black robes, then nodded and took Zhou Guobin to follow the doctor in the direction of the laboratory. As he walked, Zhou Yulong tried his best to suppress the tension and excitement in his heart. After working so hard for so long, I can finally get my father out of this kind of half-human and half-corpse tragedy. Chapter 828 the words left by the devil of Western Europe! T virus antidote is very effective, although Zhou Guobin suffered some unbearable pain in the process of detoxification, but in any case, the biochemical virus in his body was completely removed after all. Moreover, the removal of the biochemical virus also brought some additional benefits to Zhou Guobin. At least, in terms of speed and strength alone, he can already rank in the top ten of the entire Dragon Teeth Team, as good as any high-level evolutionist. Zhou Yulong was happy to remove the biochemical virus in his father's body, but he had another headache at the moment. That is how to explain Carmela's identity with Li Bingru and her parents. Although Li Bingru has become very considerate and gentle now, Zhou Yulong believes that if he suddenly tells her that there will be one more girl to share his love with her in the future, Li Bingru will suddenly change back to the bloody queen's posture and teach herself a good lesson. However, facts have proved that Zhou Yulong is worrying too much. When he accompanied his parents out of the laboratory, the little princess had already played with Li Bingru with her loveliness and cleverness. Although I don't know what the little princess said to Li Bingru, but from Li Bingru's smiling and bitter expression, I'm afraid Li Bingru already knows all about him and the little princess. Hey hey, wife.. Looking at Li Bingru's smiling eyes, Zhou Yulong smiled shyly, and then went to Li Bingru's side, ready to explain to her about Carmela. But when she saw Zhou Yulong coming, Li Bingru gave a proud hum, rolled her eyes, and went directly around Zhou Yulong to Li Yuping, who was moved to tears, and Zhou Guobin, who had just recovered. She greeted him with concern. Seeing this, Zhou Yulong scratched his hair with a headache. Then he went to Carmela and said softly, "My little princess, what did you say to her?" "Hee hee, I've said all I need to say." Looking at Zhou Yulong's headache, Carmela smiled mischievously, then stuck out her tongue, and learned to go around Zhou Yulong like Li Bingru, and went to Zhou's parents to ask for warmth. Of course, the Chinese translated through the individual tactical detection glasses is a little stiff, but the expression of concern on the little princess's face is full of sincerity. The sincere expression and the lovely face immediately warmed the hearts of Zhou Guobin and Li Yuping, who were not very interested in foreigners, and their eyes gradually softened when they looked at her. Come on, it's a blessing, Steel racking system , not a curse. It's a curse that can't be avoided. What should come will come sooner or later.. Looking at Carmela, who quickly mingled with the crowd, Zhou Yulong shook his head with a headache. Anyway, it had happened. King Arthur had given him the sword of Lonukis. Now it was impossible for him to deny his relationship with the little princess. Thinking of this, he smiled helplessly, then took the hairball and went straight to the place where Zhao Guobin and others were. After leaving the base for such a long time, he also had to understand the current development of the base. Brother Long! Seeing Zhou Yulong coming towards him, Zhao Guobin said hello to him excitedly, and then asked curiously: "How was this trip to the United States?"? Is it thrilling? And who is that little beauty? Is it our new sister-in-law? "I haven't seen you for so long, but you're still gossiping as usual, Chao Po-tao." Looking at the curious appearance of the crowd, Zhou Yulong shook his head feebly, and then gave a brief account of his trip to the United States to Zhao Guobin and others. Although only a few simple words, but Zhao Guobin and others are frightened to hear. Get rid of the strong beast, steal the antidote, break the tight encirclement, all of these, whether it is for any one of them to do, I am afraid they will only end up with no bones left. But Zhou Yulong did it beautifully and came back safely. Especially when they heard that Zhou Yulong had completely suppressed King Arthur, the Pope and Captain America, there was a proud expression on his face, as if it was not Zhou Yulong who had defeated King Arthur, but them. Ah, Brother Long, did the White Wolf King just let him run away? When he heard the news that the White Wolf King had fled in disorder, a look of regret appeared on the faces of Zhao Guobin and others. After all, according to Zhou Yulong, the White Wolf King has at least the same fighting power as T3 or L3, and if it is brought back to the base, it will certainly be a good helper. No way, after all, the time is not long, wild untamed, plus the situation was really chaotic and critical, of course, the guy will take advantage of the chaos to escape. Looking at the regretful appearance of Zhao Guobin and others, Zhou Yulong shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said: "Although I placed liquid metal in his body as a means of clamping, the control range of liquid metal was limited, and in that case, I had already opened all the blockades of liquid metal. When I found that the white wolf was missing, he had already escaped from my control range.". But if you run away, you run away. Even if it doesn't run away, I can't transport such a big white wolf to Bali. It's a release of life. "" "By the way, how is the development of the base during my absence?" Taking his mind off his experience in the United States, Zhou Yulong finally returned to the topic and asked with a serious face: "And, did you find any other survivors in Bali?" "During the time you left, we have cleaned up the entire Denpasar International Airport and taken all the surrounding towns into our own hands, and found 532 survivors among them, of which only 49 survivors are Chinese, the rest are Indonesian bastards." 。 omracking.com