As soon as Yao Yugang got out of the car

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As soon as Yao Yugang got out of the carAs soon as Yao Yugang got out of the car

The maids of the Cuichai Courtyard were all changed quietly, and in addition to Cai Ling and Ling Xian, the rough maids were all the people who had served the princess before. And all this is to make it easier for the princess to get in and out late at night. Zhizhi sat on the windowsill and could smell the fragrance of golden osmanthus on the tip of her nose. With some fear, she reached out and hugged the man on her body. Her voice revealed her master's uneasiness. Her eyes were flustered, like a lost beast. "Princess, can you not be here?" With a smile in his tawny eyes, he reached out and picked up a strand of Zhizhi's long hair. "Afraid?" Zhizhi looked out of the window, although it was late at night, but she always felt that she would be seen, and she is still all over. She raised her head and looked at the princess. Her eyes were wet and became a pool of spring water. Her white and slender neck was like the long neck of a white crane. "Princess, there will be someone." The princess reached out and pinched her chin, and their breath met. "Don't be afraid." Men always have bad ideas, and they are even more mentioned as men who have opened meat. Just pity Zhizhi. When Zhizhi was held down, her face was covered with tears, leaving only the strength to breathe. Before falling asleep, the strange soup appeared again,Cantilever Storage rack, and the princess would stare at her every time she finished the bowl of soup, and she couldn't sleep without it. The taste of the soup is not good, Zhizhi does not like to drink, but no matter what she said, coquettish beg for mercy, but did not succeed,Narrow aisle rack, the bowl of soup she still want to drink. But she didn't feel any discomfort in her body, so she had to drink the soup to nourish her body. Zhizhi finished the bowl of soup and handed the empty bowl to the princess. The princess stood up and put the empty bowl on the table and went back to bed. He sat at the end of the bed, lowered his head and examined it carefully. He bent down and said in Zhizhi's ear, "It's a little swollen. Go to bed after taking the medicine." Zhizhi went directly into the quilt and expressed her refusal with her actions, but she was hugged again. The princess said that she was coaxed by her gentle voice. "Be good, take the medicine and then sleep. I will be very busy after tomorrow. I can't come here to give you the medicine." But if he doesn't come, she doesn't need medicine. Although he thought so, Zhizhi dared not say it. After a moment, she gasped, "It hurts!" Her voice was full of grievance. The princess straightened up and kissed the cinnabar red between Zhizhi's eyebrows. "Just bear with it." Zhizhi refused. She shrank into the bed, and her little face was full of resistance. The princess had to take her hand out. "I'll see you another day." The day in the princess's mouth had passed for several days. Half a month passed in this way, this half a month found a major event, Pallet rack upright ,Pallet rack beams, but it happened above the court, Zhizhi in the back house is not aware of. She now has nothing to do in the back house. Every day she practices dancing with Mammy Lian and learns music from Mammy Ye. The prince was sitting in a wheelchair. He was still thinking about the expression of the second prince this morning. He couldn't help laughing. Then he clapped his hands and laughed. When he had laughed enough, he said softly, "Yao Yu, I will reward you heavily." He looked at the man in front of him and rekindled hope in his eyes. "As long as you are there, I believe that I will be reused by my father again." The man known as Yao Yu bent his lips and smiled, "The grass people dare not ask for any reward, but hope that after the prince's work is done, he can agree to the grass people's previous request." The prince raised his eyebrows. "I didn't expect you to have the same hobby as Gu." As soon as Yao Yu closed the folding fan in his hand, his eyes were very secretive. "Probably I owed her in my last life, so I want to make up for it in this life." Chapter 49 After leaving the palace, Yao Yu took a carriage to a street where most of the common people lived and few nobles appeared. As soon as Yao Yugang got out of the car, someone on the street looked over. Young master. Yao Si gave him a hand. "Today's family banquet, madam, I hope the young master will go back early." Yao Yu knocked the fan on Yao Si's head. "I know. You can stay here. I'll be back in half an hour." Yao Si thought it strange that the young master of his family had fallen ill since he went to the peony banquet in the princess's mansion that day. He had been in a coma for a full month, and his wife was almost blind from crying. The master invited numerous famous doctors in the capital, and even the chief physician of the Imperial Hospital, but the young master did not get any better, but suddenly one day, the young master woke up. It's just that when the young master wakes up, he becomes a little strange. The Yao family can be said to be a respectable family in the capital. The master is a third-grade doctor of Jin Ziguanglu. The young master was born to be a child prodigy. He knew a thousand words at the age of three and wrote poems at the age of five. But the young master didn't like the official career, so he never took part in the imperial examination. But the young master's reputation has long spread among the noble girls in the capital. Spring shirt childe, appearance than pearls and jade. This is an outsider's praise for the young master. The young master and the crowning ceremony were held at the ancestral temple that year. At the end of the ceremony, the young master and the crowning ceremony sent the guests to the temple gate. The temple gate was crowded with noble girls, and the temple gate was surrounded by BMW cars. Dabin was stupefied for a moment. Then he said with a smile, "You really live up to your reputation, Mr. Chunshan. It's a pity that you didn't become an official." The young master bowed his head and bent his lips with a smile, and answered with a smile. But the young master seemed to be a different person since he woke up that time. He didn't like to deal with people very much before, and he went to the peony banquet because he got an invitation, and he really wanted to see the treasures of peony, but now the young master always went to the palace recently, and always went to a civilian's home. The young master still wouldn't let him tell the master and his wife. Yao Si sighed. He was afraid that the young master would be entangled by some monster when he was sick, so it was strange now. Lin yuan was playing with other children at the back door when he heard someone calling him. He turned his head and a smile appeared on his face. "Brother Yu, you're here." He immediately left his friends behind and ran over. As soon as he reached the young man, his hair was rubbed by a big hand. "Xiaoyuan, the private school is over today?" Lin yuan nodded, "Why is Brother Yu here today?"? My father is not at home. Yao Yu hooked his lower lip,Pallet rack supplier, "I wonder if Yao has the honor to invite Lin Gongzi to dinner?" As soon as Lin yuan heard something to eat, he hurriedly cheered, "good." 。