Dance Night Strange Talk by Er Ya

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Dance Night Strange Talk by Er YaDance Night Strange Talk by Er Ya

"But this is a reminder to the jungle gods that they have begun to pay attention to the fact that contracts and spells are too rigid." Sam smiled and saluted the crowd. "There may be an improvement soon!" Xiao Bei suddenly remembered the spell on his wrist and Lan Ming's wrist, and hurriedly asked, "How soon is it?" "Soon!" "One or two hundred years is enough," said Sam in a tone of lightheartedness. Xiao Bei smoked the corners of his mouth for a long time. Look at the sky. Lan Ming looked at the incantation on his hand and felt for the first time that it was not a bad thing for the gods to be occasionally pedantic. This is the end of the case, a rare trip into the jungle, the tour guide took Xiaobei to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Inca, bought a commemorative book and went to the city to have a good time, tasted the local food, bought a commemorative book, and returned. On this trip, Xiao Bei began to be keen on other knowledge about curses and ancient contracts, and Bai Lou found him a lot of information to read. In addition, Feng Xiaoyu found a quick way to travel and decided to travel overseas once a month, which saved transportation costs! But they have a strong interest in another thing-those who go to the jungle to explore are just the most ordinary human beings, where do they get so much detailed knowledge that even the gods and demons do not know? NO100. In the morning, the sun is shining. Xiao Bei was still woken up by the clear sound of birds, turned over and slowly opened his eyes. Probably because of the gathering of spiritual power near the villa,heavy duty warehouse rack, it is very suitable for animals to live, so EX's backyard has a tendency to develop into a zoo. There are always a few birds with loud voices on the branches, and a lot of cats and dogs in the yard, which is very lively. Uh Xiao Bei has never had a strange dream since he came back from the last cruise and slept for a day with a headache. He always has a good rest and a super high quality of sleep. After sobering up for a while, Xiao Bei habitually looked to the right side of the pillow and saw that Gului had woken up and was lying on the bed with his legs crossed, reading a book carefully. Gurui is very clever. According to the dragon sparrow, he is a little genius. Although he has been mumbling all the time,Drive in racking system, he can actually speak for a long time. But the little guy probably felt that it was very convenient to communicate with Xiao Bei in the dragon language, and the key was that they could understand it. Recently, he knows a lot of words and likes reading novels. As a result, Xiaobei's monthly expenses for raising Gului have risen by 20%, all of which are used to buy books for Gollum to read. After all, children can save any expenses, but education expenses can never be saved! Fanny's legs had healed, and she squatted in front of the windowsill to bask in the sun. When she saw Xiao Bei awake, she gave a meow. Xiao Bei stretched himself, and every morning was so beautiful. Good morning, Beibei. Xiao Bei turned around, just like every morning, Warehouse storage racks ,warehouse rack manufacturer, and saw Lan Ming lying behind him. He seized the opportunity to offer a good morning kiss and asked with a smile, "What do you want to eat in the morning?" "Ha.." Both Sphinx and Lan, on the woolen cushions beside the bed, woke up and yawned. Xiao Bei raised his hand and gave Lan Ming a pillow. This man would come to climb his bed every night recently, but he slept so hard that he had no defense at all! "Goo!" At this time, Guluyi came to Xiao Bei's ear and muttered, Xiao Bei hit Lan Ming with a pillow-because Guluyi told him that Lan Ming kissed him several times and touched him while Xiao Bei was asleep last night! So the routine pillow fight every morning began again. Xiao Bei regards this as an early exercise, while Lan Ming takes advantage of the breakfast that must be displayed every day. Get up Xiao Bei had a good time, so he lay down to rest for a while, and then turned over refreshed, "I have to rehearse all day today!" "All day?"? So no time to play? I want to ask you to go to the movies for dinner this afternoon. Lan Ming, do it. Is there a very important performance tomorrow? It's over tonight. Let's go tomorrow night. I want to take Gului to eat hairy crabs. Xiao Bei ran into the toilet, Lan Ming squinted his eyes and caught Gului, "Little rascal, dare to inform?!" Before he had finished speaking, he saw Gului "snap", holding a book almost as big as himself in front of Lan Ming, pointing to the cover of the book, and muttering a lot. Lan Ming couldn't understand, so he went over to look at the cover and saw a ghost shadow looming in a dark forest on the cover. The title of the book was "Campus Shadow". Then he looked at the introduction on the cover. It was a campus ghost story, a horror novel. It seemed to be selling well, and it was selling well recently. "Wow." Lan Ming frowned. "It doesn't matter to you. How old are you to read this kind of book? Be careful of dysplasia." "Goo!" Gului opened the first page and pointed to a row of words on the title page for Lan Ming to see. It's based on a true story. You may not believe it, but I did it myself. That autumn twenty years ago, a terrible thing happened at school. My best friend and my best lover have left me. That incident changed my life, and I still have a shadow. But no one has been able to give me a reasonable explanation, and everything is still a mystery-this novel is dedicated to the important people I lost, and the devil who took away the most important person in me. "A gimmick for selling books." Lan Ming shrugged his shoulders. Gurui turned to the second page and saw several copies of his student ID card. The first one is written as Zan Ying, the author of this article. This is her student ID card when she was studying in the Chinese Department of the College of Arts at X Women's University 20 years ago. The next four are three other students, all girls. Next to their student ID cards are their death certificates. They all died 20 years ago. The cause of death is unknown! The last two are ID cards, two men, one of them is their teacher, and there are death certificates beside them. The last one is also a man's ID card, a young boy in his twenties, with a death certificate beside it, and a sentence-the person he loves most. Oh Lan Ming raised some interest, "the time of death is the same day 20 years ago, ah, the cause of death is asphyxiation, blunt crushing,pipe cantilever rack, burning, poisoning." Ha ha, all the causes are unknown! "Goo Goo!" Gurui nodded earnestly. Coincidence? Lan Ming shrugged his shoulders.