Lu Xiaofeng series ghost villa

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Lu Xiaofeng series ghost villaLu Xiaofeng series ghost villa

A dish of mushroom rot, a dish of Luohan Shangzhai, and a big pot of fragrant rice porridge. These things are very much to his taste, and he really wants to eat first. If he really did this, he would not be Lu Xiaofeng. Lu Xiaofeng does things, not completely without a sense of propriety, he does not want to miss the event, since the food in this food box is special. Don't be delicate. Of course, those who are in the small courtyard of Tingzhu are special guests. The only problem now is that he doesn't know where Tingzhu Courtyard is. He was looking for someone who looked more friendly to ask, but he saw someone who looked the most unfriendly. Peng Changjing was staring at him coldly when he suddenly lowered his voice and asked, "Do you know what lives in the bamboo courtyard?" What man? Lu Xiaofeng shook her head. "It's Shaolin Iron Shoulder," said Peng Changjing. Lu Xiaofeng's palms seemed to begin to sweat. He recognized the Iron Shoulder. The old monk not only had a pair of sharp eyes, but also was a famous captor before he became a monk. He was engaged in underworld activities. There is no one who is not refined. It is said that the most refined one is transfiguration. Even the number one cat burglar in Jianghu in the past year, the "man with a thousand faces", was planted. In his hands. Peng Changjing said coldly, "If he sees that you have changed your appearance,heavy duty racking system, you will be finished." Lu Hsiao-feng said with a wry smile, "Can I not go?" "No," said Peng Changjing. "Why?" Asked Lu Hsiao-feng. Peng Changjing said, "Because the person who sent you this job is Song Changqing, and he is already paying attention to you.". Fortunately, the bamboo courtyard is not difficult to find, according to Peng Changjing's instructions through a gravel path,Narrow aisle rack, you can see a green. Green bamboo forest. As he passed, a man was walking in front of him, dressed in blue cloth, which had been washed white, and was still wearing divination. Eight big patches. He recognized the man without seeing his face. The rules of the Beggars' Sect are the biggest. The sacks carried by the disciples of the Beggars' Sect are called grade bags. If you have the status of a seven-sack disciple, you have to carry seven sacks, not one more, not one less, Jane. It is stricter than the rank division of the court officials. The disciple of Seven Sacks is already the deacon elder in the Beggars' Sect. Only the Sect Leader is qualified to carry nine sacks. The man walking in front of Lu Xiaofeng had ten sacks behind him. The Beggars' Sect has been established for hundreds of years. This is the only exception, because this man has made great contributions to the Beggars' Sect. It happened that he retired after success, and even the Sect Leader refused to do it. To show their respect and gratitude to him, long span shelving ,Industrial pallet rack, thousands of disciples of the Beggars' Sect cut their own sacks. The next small piece was given to him as a symbol of his honor and power. This man is Wang Shibao. Lu Xiaofeng lowered her head and deliberately settled slowly. Wang Shibao is nearly eighty years old this year. He is as old as an old man in Jianghu. Things in Jianghu can be hidden from him Not much. Lu Hsiao-feng really didn't want to be seen by him, but he couldn't hide. Apparently, he also went to the small courtyard of Tingzhu. Many of his friends are already waiting for him there, and his friends are all martial arts celebrities with high status. Wooden Taoist, Gao Xingkong and Hawkeye Seven were all there, as well as the tall and powerful old man. -What is the identity of this man? A middle-aged Taoist with neat decoration and white face and slight beard is Bashan Xiaogu. A young man with simple clothes and quiet attitude, who is always full of confidence and love for life, is a long time ago. The building is full of flowers. Although he can't see with his eyes, he can see with his heart, understand, sympathize and care for others. So his life is always full. Every time Lu Xiaofeng saw him, there would be a burst of unspeakable warmth in her heart. It is not only friendship, but also a kind of respect from the heart. Elegant and quiet in the cloud room, when Lu Xiaofeng went in, they were talking about what the wooden Taoist saw in the restaurant that day. Things. Lu Xiaofeng is undoubtedly very interested in this topic, deliberately doing everything very slowly, trying not to let their own. Face up to these people. They paid no attention to him, and there was no pause in the conversation. Simon the Snow Blower is telling the truth. "The judgment of the wooden Taoist has always been highly valued." Can he catch his round? There will never be more than five people on the fast break. "Can't you see that origin of the black-clad and masked swordsman?" The questioner is Bashan Xiaogu. He himself is also a master of swordsmanship. His family has a 77-49 hand Huifeng Dance Willow Sword, and Wudang's Liangyi Shenjian, Kunlun. The nine styles of Flying Dragon are also known as the three swordsmanship of Xuanmen. The man's hand is light and sophisticated, and his skill is so deep that he is almost no longer inferior to the old man of the past. Wooden Taoist eyes in the belt The strangest thing is that what he uses seems to be Wudang swordsmanship, but it is sharper and more vicious than Wudang swordsmanship. QH "What do you think of him compared to you?" This time it was Wang Shibao who asked the question, and only he could ask such a question. The wooden Taoist smiled. "I haven't held a sword in my hands for at least ten years." "Your hands don't itch?" "When my hands itch, I go to get the chess piece and the wine glass." The wooden Taoist laughed and said, 'That's not only easier and more pleasant than holding a sword, And it's much safer. "So that day you have been doing nothing aU" I can only stand by, I not only have a glass in my hand, but also carry With a flagon. "Who is your friend who lives on wine?" "The man is said to be a retired Beijing official, but I think he's a little suspicious." Hawkeye Seven rushed to say. Suspicious? "Although he tried his best to look old and hide his gaze, in fact, his foot skills were not weak, and he fell from upstairs." Go, even a little thing is not, look at him, like one of our acquaintances. Hearing this, Lu Xiaofeng's heart almost jumped out of the cavity and just wanted to run away quickly. Who do you think he looks like? "Sikong picks the stars." Lu Xiaofeng immediately breathed a sigh of relief and did not want to go. They began to talk again about the four most mysterious old men. The four men were not only very skillful, but also very close in their ways. "The wooden Taoist said with a wry smile," Like that. People,radio shuttle racking, one has been very difficult to find, but that day suddenly appeared at the same time four, it is like suddenly falling from the sky. Yes. 。