The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155745.

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The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155745.The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155745.The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155745.

After checking his identity, Yang Ye followed the steward into the armory. As he walked, Yang Ye looked at him and said, "Tut, your armory looks big!" "This is of course, the armory up and down five layers, the largest of a storage room, can store five thousand pieces of weapons, thousands of pairs of armor, like when the tribe invaded, Datieshan almost day and night rush work, at most, the armory stored three hundred thousand kinds of weapons, fifty thousand pairs of armor, and this is only the storage of our workshop, but now, in addition to a small amount of storage, Used to give the capital city each battalion change, and will not build so many soldiers, but the number is not small, to open the third armory! The armory naturally has rows of weapon racks, instead of randomly stacking weapons inside, and the weapons inside are cleaned and maintained on time, but now, more than half of these weapon racks are vacant. This is the sword you ordered, prince. For the time being, there are only the big sword and the saber. According to your requirements, the big sword is five feet and six inches long, four inches and three inches wide, and weighs 126 kilograms. The hilt is made of rhinoceros horn and animal bone. There are two kinds of sabers, one is a male sword, three feet and three inches, and the other is a female sword, two feet and seven inches. The weight is eight catties and six taels and six catties and four taels The scabbard is made of black-scaled saber-toothed hide. Yang Ye picked up a three-foot-three-inch male sword,Inflatable indoor park, black scale saber-toothed animal skin, smooth texture, touch up, there are bursts of coolness, and the fish scale pattern above, like flowers, is the best material for making scabbard, Yang Ye pulled out the sword, suddenly a touch of cold light flashed through his eyes. The best moire steel, joined the mithril, fine gold and other soul gold, not only makes it more sharp, hard,inflatable castle with slide, but also makes the body of the sword more bright, cold better, and in forging weapons, armor of iron material, moire steel belongs to the best choice, in addition, there are black iron steel, red blood steel, but the armor made of moire steel, weapons, bright and dazzling, with natural moire, than pure black black iron, And the red blood steel is more suitable for the guard camp. It is indeed a good soldier forged by Sanquankou, and it is indeed a fine product! Chapter 238 supernumerary. Yang Ye pulled out a few swords from the weapon rack and looked at them one by one. In his heart, he had a spectrum of the strength of the Sanquankou workshop. There were more than ten big workshops on the Iron Mountain, which could be said to be a group of top blacksmith masters in the empire. Especially here, he could get arms orders all the year round, so there was almost no free time. Practice makes perfect, even if it is a blacksmith apprentice, day and night, uninterrupted forging a weapon for ten years, even twenty or thirty years, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable floating water park, is enough to boil into a master blacksmith, and the thought of this blacksmith on the iron mountain, Yang Ye heart but hate can't move back to his home, these are the most essential wealth of the empire, more valuable than real gold and silver. As the steward out of the armory, and went all over the workshop, in addition to the armor workshop, there are specialized bow making, crossbow making, sword making, shield making and other specialized workshops, a workshop, by several master blacksmiths in town, below the blacksmith master of Qingyishui, and senior blacksmiths can only play like apprentices, this workshop is full of more than three hundred people, and three spring workshops, There are forty-eight such weapon workshops. Out of the Iron Mountain, the sun was slanting in the west. On the way back to the city, Yang Ye did not rush back. Instead, he frowned and thought about something until the Iron Mountain behind him gradually disappeared. Only the black smoke was waving his hand to see him off. Yang Ye then turned his head and said to the Wolf: "I remember that we also produce a lot of iron materials near Panlong City, Mu Tianfu. It may be better than here." Yang is a hereditary for the Marquis, fief in the north of Mu Tianfu, Panlong city also has a huge mansion, although Panlong city there are castellan, a government governor and many other imperial officials, but in the Panlong city of one mu three points, Mu Tianhou mansion is the status of a word, and the Yang family in addition to six thousand registered private soldiers, many retainers of the Yang family, become a noble also many, indirectly, The Yang family can control as many as eighteen thousand private soldiers. Although only less than twenty thousand military forces, but these military forces is to Mu Tian Hou Fu to spend, and in many expenses, ordnance supplies is undoubtedly a big item, and several times before hearing Yang Shengcai said, Hou Fu funds are not abundant, keep soldiers to spend money, and Mu Tian Marquis industry although many, can also collect taxes in the territory, but not a pillar industry, it is difficult to continue. The Wolf hesitated for a moment and said, "The fief of the Hou Mansion is located on the Panlong Plain. There are mountains on three sides, especially in the west. The Tianshan Mountains of the Thick Earth Continent lie across the west. In these mountains, there is no shortage of iron materials and other ores. Some blacksmith workshops have them, but there is no comparison with here. Even the iron workshops specially run by our Hou Mansion are less than one fifth of these three springs." And the level is much worse! "So, on the other side of the fief, the ironware workshop is not large, and there is not much profit!" "Well, I don't know, but the workshop run by Hou Fu is specially for the military service, and the things created are not enough for their own use, let alone takeout!" When Yang Ye heard this, he immediately frowned and said, "Even if it's only one fifth of the size of Sanquankou, it's not that you can't even be self-sufficient. Could it be that those who manage the workshop are not doing their best?" When the Wolf heard Yang Ye say this, he broke out in a cold sweat on his forehead and hurriedly said, "Young master, it's not that Zhang, who manages the workshop, doesn't try his best, but that there's another reason!" "Oh?" "Panlongyuan is surrounded by mountains on three sides, not to mention two in the west, but the Tianshan Mountains of the thick earth continent. The mountains are as high as walls, and the birds are sad, so there is no threat in this direction. But in the north of Panlongyuan, it is the Panlong Rift Valley, as well as the continuous peaks. This mountain area is between the Empire and the Xuanwu Empire, but there are hundreds of thousands of tribal tents in it. Because of the rugged mountains and lush trees, The army drove in, even a bubble can not come out, and the Great Rift Valley near many mountain passes, tribes often invade,inflatable bounce house with slide, into the mountains to mine iron is very dangerous, so although there are many mines in the mountains, but the amount of mining is not much! 。