Episode 04 (Part 2)

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Episode 04 (Part 2)Episode 04 (Part 2)Episode 04 (Part 2)

"Haha, you are indeed the old ancestor of the dish. He is really wise. He deduced the whole story in just a moment. Yes, you are right, but I really decided to sacrifice you after I saw the God. Because one God is worth five of you, you can ask for more luck!"! The third phase of the attack is coming. Tracing Yang said, pointing to the top of the people's heads. As we spoke, the moon above our heads began to fall towards us at the same time, and at the same time, the star map under our feet suddenly flew up in the air and flew out alone. In a flash of the scene in front of us, we suddenly came to the void, the endless starry sky, not far in front of us, the moon kill, crack black and the five Xin horns, slowly approaching, actually began to merge together. A dazzling golden light came out, which made us unable to open our eyes. When I opened my eyes again, another strange thing appeared in front of me. The split black is placed in parallel, the moon kill is placed upside down on the split black, and the five Xin horns are placed on the top of the moon kill. Wuxin Angle sent out a golden light, and the void led us to step on the star map. The space around us suddenly flew up one by one, just like the rising sun, rising from the horizon. At the beginning, it was a few rays, and at the end, it was countless rays. The divine prohibitions are densely packed, entangled with each other, faintly black. At a glance, most of these divine prohibitions are unknown to us. My scalp tingles when I see them. If so many divine prohibitions fall into them, I'm afraid they will only die. The golden light drawn by the five Xin horns to the stepping star map was the only place that was not filled by the God's ban. The stepping star map flew along the golden light to the five Xin horns. The light of the five Xin horns flashed and collapsed automatically. The next moment, the star map disappeared completely,uns c68700, but our feet were on the crack. In the feeling, does not have that kind of burning feeling, cracks around the black, although all is that raging fire burning. Above the crack, all we saw was golden light everywhere. In front of us was the cold moon, and on top of us were the five Xin horns. All three things were very close to us, and we felt as if we were around. With a squeak, the first thing to change was the top of the head. At the same time, the five corners on the five Xin corners sent out a beam of light on the crack black. Almost at the same time, the crack black rose up a circle of red smoke. The smoke was divided into eight lines, and eight figures appeared gracefully. These are eight people dressed in strange clothes, five men and three women, each dressed in a fiery red armor, handsome men, charming women, but each person's face, uns s32760 plate ,321 stainless steel sheet, is a cold iceberg, without any expression. With the appearance of eight people, a huge power suddenly emanated. Spirit! His pupils suddenly contracted and a surprised expression appeared on his face. For many years, there are still people who can reach the platform of this day, but unfortunately, your good luck has come to an end! Led by a tall young man floated out, cold way, voice empty, but with great penetration, seems to come from all directions. The nineteenth chapter is the divine light. I don't know when Tianxie Shenjia began to become transparent, and my naked body was clearly visible. When the divine light penetrated, there was a little change in my body. The first change was the color of the skin, which, like the divine light, turned milky white. Finally, even the internal organs and even the bones of the body turned golden. I looked at the eight people carefully, and found that from their bodies, there is a force of God, but their bodies I always can not lock, seems to have been in the drift. Thinking of the voice of the dragger, I suddenly said, "Spirit?"? Are you all the souls of God without flesh? Even if we are just spirits, I'm afraid you can't deal with it. Cut the crap. If you want to pass the Tianjian Shentai, you have to defeat our eight generals. The chief spirit snorted coldly. The God was immediately surprised and said, "Didn't you say that the last pass of Tianjian Shentai was the Wuxin Corner?"? How did you become the eight generals of your soul again? Before the eight generals could answer, they saw the burning figure floating out and suddenly floating in front of a short, wrinkled old man in the eight generals. His eyes had been staring at the old man's right hand. On it was a ring. The ring was colorful, and there was a faint halo floating on the ring. It was full of spirit. Stranger still in the future, only to hear the burning trembling voice suddenly sounded: "You, your name is the next wave of heaven?" As he spoke, he raised his right hand, which had an identical green ring on it. The little old man's eyes, which had been dull, were suddenly full of divine light, and his eyes were staring at him without blinking. For a long time, he suddenly sighed and said, "If you don't stay in the fairy world, what are you doing in the Nine Gods?" "Disciple Ran Ji, see Shizu." Ran Ji said, at that time he worshipped down. Pan Tian and Li yuan obviously knew who this man was. Pan Tian even exclaimed, "So you are Master Tianbo!"! The younger generation has seen the older generation. As soon as he said this, I was shocked. I never thought that I could meet the ancestors of my school here. At that moment, I also came forward to pay my respects. It's just that the faces of the dragger and the God are ugly. Originally, the burning and other people are already dying and dying. That's good. If they pull up a spirit, they will suffer a lot. The soul of the divine man is different from that of the mortal or immortal soul in the secular world. Although the divine soul has lost its physical body, it can retain all its power. In other words, the divine man with physical body is as powerful as that of the divine soul. The real difference is that the divine man can rely on his strong physical body to pass through all walks of life, while the spiritual soul is limited by space. That is to say, the space of the former is infinite, while the space of the latter can only be fixed. This is because the powerful body can adapt to changes in the power of all walks of life,uns c70600, in order to adjust, but the soul can not, this is because of the fragile situation of the soul itself. lksteelpipe.com