Quickly wear: the man's pet

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Quickly wear: the man's petQuickly wear: the man's petQuickly wear: the man's pet

Of course, this is not the first time that the man has secretly sent something to the teenager. He has become a frequent visitor to this school. Every time he comes to attend a lecture, he will leave something on the windowsill. At first, the teenager thought it was a thank-you gift from a parent, but after a long time, the teenager realized something was wrong. Teenager shouted and waited for a while, or no one appeared, only the rustling of leaves responded to her, she could only helplessly take the fish back to the classroom, can not really let the fish rot outside? Seeing that the boy had taken away the fish he had sent, the man grinned, "Yes!" This jade person looks good, the heart is also soft, how to see how to his appetite! The man hid in the tree to listen to the young man's lectures and study. He had always deeply admired the people with good knowledge. The young man like jade made his whole person wrong. The first time he saw him, he wanted to hide such a jade man, rub it in his arms, and only watch it for himself every night! Such an idea is too terrible, to be caught off guard, in order to suppress their own such a terrible idea, the man can only secretly peep at the teenager, dare not really approach. At the end of a class, the man jumped down from the tree and left quietly. Halfway,316 stainless steel plate, his flexible posture suddenly stopped, sharp line of sight suddenly stared at one side of the woods, "get me out!" There were two rustles and the grass moved. The man sneered twice, and two sneaky figures were pulled out from behind the tree like lightning! "Oh, oh, show mercy!" Boss, not a bad guy, not a bad guy, let go! It's us,uns s32750 sheet, it's us, don't dump me, don't dump me, ouch- With a splash, Wang San and Black Tiger were thrown to the ground by the man. Boss, you are so cruel! Wang San cried. The black tiger was too guilty to speak. The man glanced at the two goods and didn't pick up their tricks at all. "What are you doing with Lao Tzu?"? The skin is itching! He flashed his fist and immediately made Wang Sanhu jump. He was so frightened that he called the black tiger out without thinking. "It's Huzi's idea. It doesn't have much to do with me!" Black tiger mouth straight pumping, "sell brother sell so briskly, be careful the eldest brother really hit you." Wang San shivered and looked at the man with begging eyes. Yan Dao glanced at them and walked directly over them to the front. Wang San climbed up from the ground with the black tiger. "Boss, wait for us!" "Just now we saw that you ran to the private school of Peach Blossom Village. Chief, what are you doing there?" Wang San did not give up asking questions. The man's tall figure suddenly stopped, and he stared at Wang San warningly, "I don't care what you do!"! Ask again to serve with your fist! 502. No Chapter 502 women disguised as men cold killer (6). Wang San laughed twice and said, "Boss, I know even if you don't tell me.". I heard that a teacher suddenly came to Peach Blossom Village. Did you go to learn from him? Chief, you've always liked scholars. I think you're much more polite to those scholars than you are to us. The black tiger looked disapprovingly at the two fools on the side. "The boss won't go to see the teacher during working hours." Being refuted, 12v High Torque Motor ,347 stainless steel, Wang San was particularly unconvinced. He asked in a loud voice, "You said the boss didn't go to study, so what did you say the boss did?" The black tiger secretly glanced at the impatient man and said firmly, "Look at the man." "What?" Wang San opened his eyes wide, looked at the black tiger in disbelief, and then looked at the silent man: "Chief, go to the Peach Blossom Village to see people!"? What are you looking at? Wang San looks honest, but in fact his head is straight, and he is not as flexible as the black tiger. Black tiger directly said to look at people, Wang San's first reaction is: look at women. The chief got in touch with the woman, and he simply made Wang Sanlei a scorched outside and tender inside, and an irrepressible secret curiosity rose. That is the eldest brother, the whole city knows Yan Dao police chief, so many people take a fancy to the son-in-law husband candidate, look at the woman? Don't be ridiculous! Seeing that Wang San did not believe and was shocked, the black tiger calmly pointed out: "The fish in the head's hand is gone, and the gift is gone." He did not open his mouth to explain the topic of men and women, allowing Wang San to misunderstand. As soon as this evidence was brought up, Wang San immediately believed it. He ran to the man's side and repeatedly asked, "Boss, whose daughter do you like?"? How come you never mentioned it!? It's not a widow, is it? The man was still thinking about the happy taste of seeing a young man just now. Two frogs were croaking in his ears. He said impatiently, "I didn't look at women!" Disappointed, Wang San murmured, "So I'm not looking at my daughter-in-law..." The eldest brother did not take a fancy to the woman, that is more distant from his own wife, alas. Black tiger knows a little more than Wang San, see the man's eyebrows do not see the usual free and easy heroic spirit, but sweet and gloomy tangled mixed, suddenly the heart missed a beat, "eldest brother you should not take a fancy to a man?" "Fart!" Wang San stared, "the eldest brother is such a man, how can he take a fancy to a hard man, how can he be a soft woman?" When Wang San finished, he found that the man had stopped and was looking at him with a terrible look. "He is not a soft woman, nor a hard man!"! Stay out of my business. This month is too leisurely, isn't it? Adults are building a dam in the northern suburbs. If you are too idle, roll over immediately! Wang San: "…" The heart of curiosity is gone, and there is nothing left. The black tiger glanced at the man doubtfully and became more and more suspicious, but under the threat of repairing the dam, he chose to shut up. In the evening, the man who could not suppress the itch in his heart took advantage of the opportunity to patrol and went to Peach Blossom Village alone. He was never a gentleman. A gentleman could not catch a bandit or an assassin. Had it not been for the fact that the teenager was a man, he would have done it long ago, and how could he wait until now and only look at it secretly! Don't blame him for being perverted and falling in love with a man, but the teenager is too attractive, no matter his expression or figure, his every move makes him burning, and he wants to hold people in his arms and suck them desperately. 503. No Chapter 503 women disguised as men cold killer (7). At the end of the day's course, the jade-like teenager returned to the small house, sitting on the bed,x52 line pipe, she breathed lightly, "Cucumber skin, you can come out." 。 ichgearmotor.com