The shameless one next door.

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The shameless one next door.The shameless one next door.The shameless one next door.

They mainly came to camp, but it was too late when they arrived. After barbecuing on the spot, they all ate well and were very satisfied. Then they cleaned up together and were ready to go back to the tent to rest. Although the journey lasted only one and a half hours, it was all over by nearly nine o'clock, and many people were already showing signs of fatigue. Yao Yizhe came back from Lu Min's car with an air conditioner quilt and brought it together with a box. He flashed into the tent first, laid the quilt, and saw Tang Lin standing still outside the tent. What's the matter? Tang Lin has long wanted to ask, the two of them have only one tent. Forget it, now he brings a quilt! Yao Yizhe soon understood and pulled her in directly. When we're away from home, everything is simple. Besides, we're not taking off all our clothes. What's the shame? That being said, when he thought of the two of them covering the same quilt, he felt that his face was also dry, and even his ears began to turn red. Comparatively speaking, Tang Lin is not coy. As he said, they are all dressed, not to mention so many pairs of eyes. This kind of atmosphere is not ambiguous at all! Besides, there were so many people here, and they didn't think about it, but it seemed that her own thoughts were not pure. The more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense. She sat down in the tent, watched him close the front and back curtain doors, and curiously reached for the box of unknown objects. -Wait! Yao Yizhe grabbed her hand and smiled mysteriously at her suspicious line of sight: "You close your eyes first." "What's the matter?" Curious as he was,Beverage packing machine, he seemed to have guessed something. Watching her close her eyes, Yao Yizhe carefully opened the box. Inside is a six-inch small cake, covered with yellow and orange mango cream cake, which looks particularly delicious. As he took out the candle and lit it, he watched from time to time to see if she was peeking. It took a long time to get all the preparations done. Ok As she slowly opened her eyes, his clear voice, in the dark, in the quiet tent,juice filling machine, was unusually gentle. Happy birthday Chapter 101 The night wind on the beach makes the tents rattle. Even at the end of April, the average daytime temperature in the south is as high as 25 degrees, but at night, especially because of the sea breeze, it still gives people a shivering coolness. The front and back curtains of the tent were tightly closed, which greatly relieved the cold feeling caused by the sea breeze. Under the dark sea and the vast night sky after nightfall, there was only a bright moon, and a few small night lights hanging in tents gave off a soft light. In the small tent, Tang Lin opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the lighted candle in front of her. The long thin candle, with a slight tremor with breathing, still burns tenaciously, as if trying to illuminate the two young faces separated by the small cake. Not a surprise at all. She pursed her lips, then turned her head sideways and burst into an irrepressible smile. The traces of his preparation were so obvious that she could not try to ignore them. But although do not feel surprised, but the heart is warm, and a little unspeakable sweetness, full, liquid bottle filling machine ,water bottling line, seems to overflow the heart. It's like knocking over a honey pot full of candy, or melting a pool of chocolate. She is not the kind of little girl who has no knowledge, has seen the touching scene of proposing love, people have more exaggerated package of a building, with the light of love, as well as luxury cars and 99999 roses. Either way, it is absolutely enough to cause a local story, and even cause a heated discussion on the Internet for several days! But at this moment.. But she felt that such a small birthday cake, such a thin candle, was enough to fill everything, there would be no missing, there was no regret. So, no more, no less, just right. When Yao Yizhe saw her smile as soon as she lowered her head, he couldn't help but raise his lips. This shows that everything prepared did not disappoint her. But then his smile hung stiffly on his lips. Why are you crying? He was a little confused, holding the cake in his hand, and the candle on the cake shook with it. He was so frightened that he stopped moving until he found a spare place in the tent and put the cake on it. Tang Lin was also late to find that her eyes were a little hot. She looked up, looked at Yao Yizhe silly, and do not know why, suddenly feel particularly funny, and then uncontrollably "poof-" a laugh out. This is crying, laughing again, should have been the most ridiculous appearance, but found that she was not because of the sad teenager, but feel particularly moving. On the side of the cake, the candle's soft yellow light, like a layer of soft light, covered her hazy face with a thin gauze cover, made her face more tender, her eyes more beautiful, and her lips soft and pink.. As long as a little closer, a fresh fragrance immediately drilled into the tip of the nose, all the way to the heart, like a feather lightly scratched, or like a warm wind blowing in the face, itching, and warm. Then slightly lower his head, the soft lips, and the slippery tongue, all the time not in the temptation. He took her in his arms, kissed her again and again, nibbled her again and again, and noticed that she was soft as a pool of water, leaning against him as soft as if she had no bones, and her hand was weak on his waist, without any strength, as if she were being grabbed by a cat. The atmosphere was so good that he found himself so excited that he stopped and closed his eyes fiercely. What's the matter? In his arms, the girl opened her eyes doubtfully, blinked,water bottle packaging machine, and fanned her eyelashes like butterfly feathers, as if she had brushed them directly on his heart. Seeing that he was like a sculpture and dared not move, Tang Lin was quite confused. It's not like we haven't slept together. 。