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Xianyu XianyuXianyuXianyu XianyuXianyuXianyu XianyuXianyuXianyu

If you can't make the sword gas into silk, you can't use all kinds of mysteries of breaking ten thousand methods with one sword on the flying sword. When the nine sword lights of the black-clad Taoist touched the jade dragon seal, it didn't cut the enemy's magic weapon like tofu as expected, but you felt a great and powerful surge, breaking through the blockade of your own sword light, and suddenly hit close. The black-clad Taoist's swordsmanship was also exquisite. He immediately summoned back the light of the nine swords, and still turned it into a rainbow. The body and the sword were combined, and the escape light grew ten times faster, and flew up from the bottom of the Jade Dragon Seal. Although only a line of difference, the jade dragon seal is not hurt this person. Jiao Fei was also secretly amazed. He said to himself, "If you were someone else, you would get a little hurt. The change in the swordsmanship of the Taoist in black has reached the point where God knows it. If you want to defeat him head-on, it's beyond my ability. Look at this trick. It's not easy to use!" When Jiao Fei displayed the jade dragon seal, he thought that he could not make any contribution. At most, he could only frighten the other side. So he grabbed it with one hand, and the eight-color light fell down, in the middle of the direction in which the black-clad Taoist flew away. It was also Jiao Fei's own exquisite swordsmanship that had a slight change in the swordsmanship of the black-clad Taoist, and the black-clad Taoist did not know that there were so many powerful treasures in Jiao Fei's hands. Ordinary ascetics have one or two handy instruments around them, which is already remarkable. Like him, a Taoist Qi refiner who specializes in flying swords, there is no second instrument around him, because he doesn't need it. But Jiao Fei is obviously an alternative, his Shangyuan Bajing Fu after refining gas into Gang, re-sacrifice refining, has been able to play all the power,PET bottle Mold, originally can only absorb the enemy of five or six layers of refining gas realm, no matter how high the cultivation can only trap people first, in order to play the power. Now even the top person in gas refining can deal with it. The black-clad Taoist was not aware of it for a moment, and Jiao Fei used the Shangyuan Eight Scenery Charms to calculate the location of the escape. As soon as the eight-color light of the Shangyuan Eight Scenery Charms fell down, the black-clad Taoist saw that he could not escape. Relying on his excellent swordsmanship, he was not afraid. He even tried to break through the ban of the eight light. How ingenious is the power of Shangyuan Bajing Fu? Even if Qing Di Zhen Xing Fu and Tai Yi Zhen Xing Fu were trapped, they had to struggle for a while to break free. What's more, the Shangyuan Eight Scenery Charms at this time are different from those at that time. At that time, Jiao Fei was able to use the Four Sceneries and Four Realms,PET blow moulding machine, but now the Eight Sceneries and Eight Realms of the Shangyuan Eight Scenery Charms are all powerful. Although the black-clad Taoist has strong magic power and wonderful swordsmanship, after all, he can't compete with Taiyi Zhenren and Dongji Qingdi. He got into the eight circles of light of the Shangyuan eight scenery charms and lost his He was photographed by Jiao Fei and taken to the wilderness. Jiao Fei exhorted, GongSunHong still left in the four seas, but he escaped into the wilderness, the dragon and tiger altar released, set foot on it, the power of the wilderness all play. The formation of this wilderness is that the red-haired ancestor won a bet with an elder of the Xixuanshan Dragon and Tiger Sect, and was able to read the 13-page general outline of Taishang Zhengyi Meng Wei Fa Lu. Although this 13-page general outline does not involve specific magic, how did the red-haired ancestor cultivate himself? After returning to the Great Wilderness of the East, he thought hard for a hundred days and created a magic, which was taught to his disciples, and Xiangshan Zhenren was also taught. This magic is called the true method of controlling all beasts by the dragon and tiger. However, this magic is not like the method of absorbing the spirits of spirits and beasts by the banner of sealing the gods in Liuyang, the method of sacrificing and refining the array, all kinds of spirit birds, strange beasts, evil spirits, juice filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, tigers, leopards, wolves and insects in the wilderness, all of which are transformed by the vitality of heaven and earth. This magic only absorbs a trace of spirituality between heaven and earth, so that these spirit birds, strange beasts and strange insects are transformed. The tree and the lost, the flower ghost, all have the corresponding magic power, just like the truth. In the Shangyuan Eight Sceneries Tower, all kinds of spirit birds, strange beasts, strange insects, tree demons and flower ghosts transformed by the Dragon and Tiger Altar are already like real creatures, and they can still practice by themselves. That is the absolute power of the Ten Ancestors of Taoism. It is not that the younger generation of disciples can learn to walk. This Shangyuan Eight Sceneries Charm written by a real person in Xiangshan can only be as real as it is. Jiao Fei put the dragon and tiger total control over the true method of beasts, countless spirit birds, strange beasts, strange insects, tree demons, flower ghosts, toward the black Taoist trapped in the wilderness of the impact of succession, the black Taoist is really good, Rao is Jiao Fei put the dragon and tiger total control over the true method of beasts to the extreme, fought hard in the wilderness for three or four hours, still have to protect the sword light, absolutely safe. Not a worm, not a beast, not a bird, not a demon can break through his sword light garden, which really answers the sentence: "The handle of the bucket invades the demon, and the spring of heaven turns into inverse scales.". You are invincible in swordsmanship. Just let me forgive you. Jiao Fei saw that the light was desolate and could not take down the black-clad Taoist, so he hurriedly threw out the jade dragon seal and smashed it into the air, which made the black-clad Taoist in a hurry. After fighting for a while, Jiao Fei came to his senses: "I don't dare to use a lot of magic outside. In the Eight Scenery Charms of Shangyuan, when I use it, no one can see it. What else is dark blue?" He stretched out his hand and released the Qing Emperor's True Form and the Taiyi True Form together. This time, the war situation was reversed in an instant. Taiyi Zhenren released the Golden Bridge of Life and Death and the Gate of Xuanzang together, and immediately suppressed the sword light of the black-clad Taoist. Dongji Qingdi even shook the blue flag, and countless heavenly soldiers and gods gushed out, cooperating with countless spiritual birds, strange beasts, strange insects, tree demons and "flower ghosts" in the wilderness. In less than half an hour, he dismembered the black-clad Taoist. The Taoist in black. After being killed, also no body soul, just into a group of black fu, Jiao Fei had the last experience, but also not surprised, just use the jade dragon seal to close the black gas. When Jiao Fei killed the archenemy and revealed the divine knowledge of Shangyuan Bajing Fu, Ao Qing, the Dragon Lady, had gained the upper hand. Originally, the three black-clad Taoists had almost the same magic power and were equally skilled in swordsmanship. But the three of them joined forces to fight for a draw with Ao Qing. They were trapped by Jiao Fei with Shangyuan Bajing Fu, and the remaining two were naturally dwarfed by each other. However, they were both skilled in swordsmanship. Although Ao Qing had the upper hand, he could not do anything for a while. When Ao Qing saw that Jiao Fei had received the black-clad Taoist,plastic bottle making machine, he had not seen any movement for a long time. It was very strange in his heart. It took him four or five hours to see the five-color light of Jiao Fei's body protection. The purple electric sword light, which had been motionless in the air, also moved fiercely and joined the battle group again. gzxilinear.com