Crossing the Second World-Hiroko

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The next moment it was quiet again The goddess of ice and snow and the seraph were killed in seconds Summer was

The next moment it was quiet again The goddess of ice and snow and the seraph were killed in seconds Summer was hit into the valley At this moment the life value of the big devil of Kaka had just slipped to 90% Summer and his two pets had been playing for such a long time Even if there were no 10 million the life value of the big devil of Kaka had only slipped to 90% What is this concept The life of Kaka's big devil is worth 100 million This battle suspense is too big and about the ice and snow goddess and seraph were hung up the mood of summer is also up with blood the ice and snow goddess is not allowed to shake anyone this is the bottom line in the heart of summer The sword in his hand shakes again and the anger of summer is aroused again whoo ~

Back in the valley again the light on the wings of the light is more obvious and the purple Polymer Materials light on the sword is also gradually emerging not just the kind of light but from the summer body of the light attributes slowly spread on the sword purple light and white light intertwined Kaka big devil will not give summer a chance whoosh disappeared on the opposite side everyone was surprised disappeared reflexively looking at summer there Peng- Kaka's body really appeared in front of the summer the strong impact of the summer's body to fly again the value of life has just recovered a little disappeared again However after Kaka's attack he disappeared again in the position just now in summer Feng Ruxuan and Nangong Haotian were completely shocked How high is Kaka's strength Summer with his head held high did not know what to do at this moment His body flying upward was not driven by the wings of light but by the attack of Kaka Demon King just now However when the summer felt very weak the figure of Kaka's big devil appeared again in front of the summer and the metallic wings came again Summer opened his eyes wide but it came again Is it over

He absolutely can not withstand this attack anything scenes appear in the summer's mind until this moment he did not know that his current strength really can not challenge the biggest boos in full service Peng- The strong impact and the pain of the whole body make the body of summer rush down again and its speed is like the popularity of falling with a flash of flowers Shangguan Yaner's eyes were blurred by tears small purple has been sobbing and graceful is a face of gloom Feng Ruxuan and Nangong Haotian also felt powerless things ultimately failed Boom The shaking of the earth the sound of the valley the impact of the summer landing on the leaves on the ground constantly stirred up the decline of life value and the pain of the whole body as well as the feeling of failure made him completely angry he hated this feeling did not want to return to the resurrection point in this feeling What else can you do at this moment Feng Ruxuan constantly asked himself he can only bring Liu Ge to revive once China Chemicals Suppliers whoosh Feng Ruxuan's figure rushed to the summer Kaka big devil saw Feng Ruxuan's action immediately knew what he wanted to do then rushed to Feng Ruxuan can not let summer revive again this is the voice of Kaka big devil several people he is the most difficult one to deal with

When the big demon king of Kaka rushed to Feng Ruxuan's eyes the figure of Nangong Haotian appeared and the crossbow of the magic bow was used again Shangguan Yaner ordered that the appearance of the demon messenger let the battle enter again Zhen Jian — — The buzzing sword made Kaka's body electrocuted and Yan Er's anger led to the full attack of the demon messenger Boom boom Up to five million damage value appeared from the body of Kaka Demon King Nangong Haotian's sword reached its peak and the result of the attack was that the weapon was broken Niaona's attack was supported by the value of internal strength With the attack of the two men and the devouring of the demon messenger the big demon king of Kaka could not help retreating to the valley Feng Ruxuan successfully rushed to the side of summer resurrection fell on the body of summer for the first time this moment Feng Ruxuan felt that he could finally help him Nangong Haotian immediately returned what else could he do without weapons The Phoenix of Desire was summoned and Shangguan Yaner stood under the valley glaring at the Great Demon King Kaka

At the moment when Kaka saw the demon messenger he was shocked unintentionally The phoenix of desire was floating in the sky which was so dazzling in this chaotic map You have to pay the price for what you have done- "Shangguan Yaner is angry the devil messenger appears with the strongest strength a black fog forms the devil" Little Kaka you actually let this girl so angry almost desperate feeling very good! The voice of the demon messenger hovers constantly within this map Kaka big demon king surprised to look at Shangguan Yan son this Polymer Materials wench unexpectedly "I'm going to kill you kill him" Shangguan Yaner glared at the big devil with red eyes The devil messenger sighed stopped talking nonsense and rushed directly to the big devil Even so you are no match for me! The big devil shouted angrily and his whole body began to spin slowly forming a black whirlwind The attack of the Demon Messenger is undoubtedly the kind of powerful shock wave When it surrounds the Great Demon King of Kaka the whole body condenses into a black fog and when the body of the Great Demon King of Kaka forms a black vortex it quickly disperses the Black Fog of the

Demon Messenger Knock knock Boom the next second Shangguan Yan son suddenly sat on the ground unwilling to look at the whirlwind of the big devil of Kaka too strong is not their own to deal with Black whirlwind straight to Shangguan Yaner body this moment time as if condensed in general all people helplessly looking at Shangguan Yaner they can only reluctantly look at the attack of the big devil of Kaka the strength of the devil messenger now can not be compared with the big devil of Kaka although the devil messenger was so beautiful He still can't help summer Shangguan Yan son mind a sink even so but has given him time this moment Nangong Haotian and others can only look at Shangguan Yan son Niaona's attack could not hit the body of Kaka's high-speed rotation even if it was 100% attack but it could not create any slowdown for Kaka's big devil