The Dead Mans Sutra

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Miao San asked to retire. Respectively back to the room into the account to rest, Ni Junhou still buckled. Zihe Zhenren laughed and said,

Miao San asked to retire. Respectively back to the room into the account to rest, Ni Junhou still buckled. Zihe Zhenren laughed and said, "What about us?"? I haven't seen you for a few days. I really want to talk to you all night. "Tomorrow I will come to visit the real person first. Iron Mountain is my acquaintance. I want to say hello to them first." Zihe Zhenren did not insist and took his disciples back to his room. Gu Shenwei took a high look at Tieshan. Shi Qingjue was a little surprised and bowed very formally. The bandits behind him were flattered. They all imitated the Dragon Army of that year and knelt down on one leg. Even those who had never seen the Dragon King were infected and did not hesitate to kneel. Gu Shenwei accepted the kneeling, and then invited Shi Qingjue into the room to talk, while the others stayed outside. Shangguanfei never doubted Gu Shenwei's ability, but he was still a little surprised tonight. He asked Chu Nanping in a low voice, "Has the Dragon King even mastered the power of the Central Plains?" Chu Nanping shook his head to show that he did not understand, and Shangguan Fei's curious eyes turned to Tie Linglong. Tie Linglong also looked at him, but was interested in another thing, "you are not timid ah, Gu Shenwei gave you a person, you dare to take her away without saying goodbye." Because of this matter, Shangguan Fei's heart has been hanging, close to Tie Linglong's side, with a flattering tone asked: "Is he very angry?"? Actually, I have a reason. Who can tell whether he is angry or not? But-do you really like that guy who is neither male nor female? Shangguan Fei blushed a little. "Look at what you said. She's a woman. It's true." Tie Linglong curled her lips contemptuously, "I've only known each other for a few days." You two are really a couple. "You think so?" Shangguan Fei eyes a bright, even offended Gu Shenwei things are forgotten, "my first glance." "Stop, I'm not interested." Tie Linglong hurriedly stopped and glanced at Chu Nanping, who was really not interested. "You should know who Gu Shenwei is. Think about what use you two are to him." Shangguanfei nodded earnestly, wondering in his heart that Tie Linglong was kind to himself, which was unprecedented. In the room, Shi Qingjue talked about Shangguan Cheng. He would not apologize, but would only explain: "Shangguan Cheng is the grandson of the big head God. He should go to Tieshan to experience for a few years. It is not good for him to be pampered in Jinpeng Fort." "I agree, and he chose to go with you, and no one else has anything to say." "I'll get him back in three days." "Do you know who took him?" Shi Qingjue hesitated for a moment, "I guess it's Xiaomao, but you can rest assured that she won't hurt Shangguan Cheng. I'm in charge of getting people back, so you don't have to do it yourself." Shi Qingjue said more euphemistically, but Gu Shenwei was very clear that if it was really Xiaomao who robbed Shangguan Cheng, the target was himself. He is not alone in his hatred. Chapter 1187 business. The rest time is not long, but Zihe really sleeps well, in high spirits, and the wrinkles on his face seem to be less. "The way to keep in good health is to think less, think more and worry more.". I want to live for another twenty years, so I never think too much, haha. But I do not live for myself, I am for the sake of Kongtong Sect, 'Centenarian Master Immortal Flying Up', with this legend, Kongtong Sect can maintain its status even if it does not produce a master, the length is not certain, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, ten years? Twenty years? "Real people are so clever that no matter in Jianghu or in the court, they can stand firm. People all over the world think you think a lot." In order to keep his promise, Gu Shen came to visit him the next morning. As there was no extra room, the Zhou brothers and Chen Jinke went out of the house and stood at the door as guards. On the contrary. As one of the performance of less thought, the real person never bother to guess the meaning of each other's words, "I can stand, because think less, such as the queen mother, everyone thought I was ungrateful, but I have no way, I did everything I can do, the queen mother himself changed his mind, did not go to the Yu Lin Jun, but with the imperial seal to find the emperor, the result harmed himself and the emperor.". As for me, I have no choice but to think about it. Sadness is a superfluous emotion, which can not solve any problems, nor is it conducive to health. So I removed the excess, leaving only the trunk. The queen mother has a soul in heaven, and she won't care. Most of the time she's smart enough to know that I have no other choice. The tone of Zihe Zhenren is not like an explanation, but like showing off. "For another example, when I see you, I only think of one thing, the imperial seal, the imperial seal, for the sake of the royal seal, Xiao Wang has made great concessions and even pardoned the princess." "King Xiao thought I would kill the princess." Gu Shenwei is the same. No matter what Zihe said and how much he said, he only heard the word "imperial seal." But you didn't, hehe. Zihe Zhenren nodded approvingly. "You don't want to be used. I agree with you very much.". Once you become a sword for others, you can't avoid the fate of being a sword. Rusty swords and blunt swords will naturally be abandoned. Not many young people know this truth. They compete to be sharper than anyone else. Sometimes you can't do it without it. "The imperial seal is not on me." Gu Shenwei's interest in small talk disappeared. I can see that. Xiao Wang is almost white-headed. He's waiting for you to make an offer. "As I said, I have no conditions to put forward before the mission returns to the Western Regions." "Yes, you did, but it's more complicated than you think. What you took was the imperial seal.". Of the six seals, it is the most important. Without it, the new emperor could not ascend the throne. Without the new emperor, there would be no way to confer titles on the missions of the Western Regions. The missions came thousands of miles away, and they could not go back empty-handed, could they? Besides, one of the jade kings is missing. In short, there are many problems. "I don't want to do any of that." "Ha ha, good habit, let Xiao Wang think about it, this is his duty, as for our Kongtong faction, voluntarily driven by you, only one condition, that is to allow me to act as a middleman between you and Xiao Wang.". Alas,Precision steel tubes, I hope you can understand that the friendship between Kongtong Sect and Xiao Wang is not deep enough. We need to make some contributions as soon as possible. "I understand very well that the real person's request is reasonable and good for me, and I must accept it." Real people laugh. "Say one more word.". Gu Shenwei, you are so good at using people that you think I have the Ministry of War in my hand. 。