Zombie police

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This darkroom is basically the same as the one in which Jiao Wenlong was detained. Chen Zhifan followed the memory of the house

This darkroom is basically the same as the one in which Jiao Wenlong was detained. Chen Zhifan followed the memory of the house in which Jiao Wenlong was detained and went directly to the same position that controlled Jiao Wen Long. Sure enough, Qu Jingfeng was controlled here by the same technique. Chen Zhifan considered that Qu Jingfeng was a girl and was much timid, so he called softly, "Little girl, is that you?" Qu Jingfeng looked flustered, as if he had lost his mind. "Don't kill me, don't kill me, please!" He said in gibberish. Chen Zhifan knew that this was because of the consequences of this period of tension, hurriedly advised: "Little girl, you see, I am your brother Chen!" Qujing shook his head like a rattle and looked flustered. "I don't know Brother Chen," he murmured. "Please don't kill me!" Chen Zhifan wanted to save her first and then find a way. But Qu Jingfeng's mental state is extremely unstable, as long as he raises his hand, he immediately shouts, and the struggle is particularly strong. This makes Chen Zhifan somewhat unable to start. Thought for a long time, only by helping her calm down, let her see herself clearly, can she be rescued. As a last resort, Chen Zhifan had to recite the Anshen Mantra. If on land, like Qu Jingfeng, who has been too frightened to become like this, Chen Zhifan only needs to find a few things,side impact door beams, boil them into soup, and then he can get immediate results. But now without this condition, Chen Zhifan had to use the tranquilizing curse to deal with it. Although the tranquilizing mantra is also effective, the effect is obviously not so fast compared with the decoction. After about a few minutes, although Qu Jingfeng still did not know anyone, his mood was not as irritable as just now, and his nerves were not so tense. Chen Zhifan was overjoyed and said hurriedly, "Little girl, look at me. I'm your brother Chen!" Qu Jingfeng murmured to himself,beam impact tubes, "Brother Chen..". Who is brother Chen? !” At this time, Chen Zhifan had to mention a lot of people around her, trying to awaken her memory. Qu Jingfeng tried to recall something, but it was obvious that in such a state, she could not remember anything. Taking advantage of her memory gap, Chen Zhifan suddenly broke the iron ring that controlled Qu Jingfeng's hands. Seeing Chen Zhifan suddenly make a move, Qu Jingfeng was so frightened that he cried out and covered his eyes with his hands unnaturally. Moments later, realizing that he was all right, he looked at Chen Zhifan doubtfully through his fingers. Chen Zhifan said with a straight face, "Little girl, I'm your brother Chen. Believe me, I won't hurt you!" Qu Jingfeng looked at Chen Zhifan doubtfully and murmured, "Brother Chen..". Brother Chen So familiar, why can't I remember it? Chen Zhifan quickly comforted: "Don't worry, slowly will remember, precision welded tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, now we go up first!" " Qu Jingfeng seemed to understand that Chen Zhifan had no malice towards himself and nodded timidly. Chen Zhifan did not dare to care too much about her, so he had to walk slowly ahead. Qu Jingfeng followed Chen Zhifan warily and went out of the door of the darkroom. When Jiao Wenlong saw Chen Zhifan coming up with Qu Jingfeng, he hurried forward and said, "Xiaoqu, how are you?" When Qu Jingfeng saw that there were still people above, he gave a cry of fright and shivered behind Chen Zhifan. Jiao Wenlong looked at Chen Zhifan blankly and said doubtfully, "Brother, what's going on?" Chen Zhifan said helplessly, "Xiaoqu is mentally disturbed because of excessive fright." Jiao Wenlong turned pale with fright and asked hurriedly, "What should I do?" Chen Zhifan comforted: "It's all right, as long as I can get out, I have a way!" Chen Zhifan's ability Jiao Wenlong has seen, heard him say that there is a way, then there must be a way. There are three people in the room now, which more or less dilutes the panic of Jiao Wenlong and Qu Jingfeng. People are social animals, many people together, can always reduce the fear of the unknown, this is nature. Although Qu Jingfeng was still delirious, he understood that Chen Zhifan and Jiao Wenlong had no malice towards him. He pointed at Jiao Wenlong and said timidly, "Good man..". Good man ...!” "Yes, we are all good people," said Chen Zhifan. Qu Jingfeng suddenly grinned and clapped his hands with a smile: "Good man..". Good man ... Not afraid ... Not afraid !” Seeing this, Jiao Wenlong said anxiously, "What can I do?" Chen Zhifan waved his hand and motioned him not to speak first. Jiao Wenlong nodded and said no more. During this period, Chen Zhifan has been checking the situation around him. He was looking for a secret door. Ni Zihan was also captured by them, and his whereabouts are still unknown. According to their way of doing things, if they catch Ni Zihan, they will also be detained here. Chen Zhifan said to Jiao Wenlong with a straight face, "Brother Jiao, Xiaoqu will ask you first!" "What are you doing, brother?" With Chen Zhifan, Jiao Wenlong can feel much more at ease. Listen to this meaning, Chen Zhifan seems to have some action. There should be another prisoner here. I have to find her! Chen Zhifan responded as he searched. Chapter 1386 of the main text, the darkroom in the darkroom. Jiao Wenlong opened his eyes wide and asked nervously, "Brother, you..". Is your sister-in-law? ...? She's not well! Chen Zhifan shook his head hurriedly and comforted Jiao Wenlong, saying, "Brother Jiao, don't worry. My sister-in-law is all right now. She is very safe.". You don't know the man I'm talking about! After saying this, Chen Zhifan just found another secret door and walked quickly past. Qu Jingfeng's mind is still not clear, sometimes irritable, but sometimes very afraid, which further increased the psychological burden of Jiao Wenlong. Chen Zhifan pushed open the secret door and walked down quickly. But this time, to Chen Zhifan's surprise, no one was detained in the room. The room is so big that you can see through it at a glance. After discovering that there was no one here, Chen Zhifan quickly turned around. At this time his mood is very complex, is he guessed wrong, catch Ni Zihan is not this group of people? However, according to the existing clues, in addition to these people,aluminium coated tubes, others have no motive to catch Ni Zihan to provoke the Public Security Bureau. Thinking of this, Chen Zhifan was ready to go out quickly and look for other secret doors. At the moment of turning his head, Chen Zhifan suddenly felt that there seemed to be a faint mark on the wall on his side. cbiesautomotive.com