Iron-blooded Republic of China

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"Father, why can't Chinese people be allowed to enter China?" Yiling, who went out with her father, faced the "non-foreign servants

"Father, why can't Chinese people be allowed to enter China?" Yiling, who went out with her father, faced the "non-foreign servants and other Chinese at the gate of the park, who were not allowed to enter.." The sign, the innocent inquiry. Because China's national strength is weak! Song Jiashu, holding his little daughter in his arms, spoke earnestly about the tragic history. What is the use of an emperor who cannot protect his people? "Haha, you deserve to be my daughter. You have revolutionary ideas at a young age. Your uncle Sun should like you very much." Song Jiashu is holding his little daughter in his arms. Yiling, what are you doing? My God, you are reading again. I tell you that I made a big show in the school today. Come on, Yiling, help my sister find some more articles. I want to shake those girls well. Meiling, who came back from school, rushed into the study, grabbed her twin sister and shouted excitedly. For this introverted little sister,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, everyone in the family loves her very much, and she is really clever to let everyone love her. Meiling is not jealous of robbing her beloved sister, but loves her as much as everyone else. She always feels that her sister is so smart, and if she is as outgoing as herself, she is absolutely the focus of everyone. Unfortunately, such a sister can only stay at home,stainless steel tube 304, but she is so good that she can discuss those deep topics with her father. Moreover, his sister from time to time to pick out a few articles for their own back, can greatly shock those who live in the school! How can I repay her? Well, buy her some snacks outside! "Yiling, what are you looking at?" Qingling also came back from school. I'm reading Mr. Sun's "Letter to fellow countrymen". "What book?" Meiling is not very clear. A letter to fellow countrymen. "What is this?" "It is mainly to expose the true face of Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao, who are royalists and false revolutionaries." Yiling slowly gave her sister literacy. Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao? I think I heard my father talking about them last time. "Second Sister, explain to Third Sister!" Yiling looked at her second sister, who should be very clear about the background of these people. Yes, second sister, what happened to Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao? "Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao were the main leaders of the Reform Movement." "What is the Reform Movement?" "Since the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, China's national strength has become weaker and weaker. Many people of insight in China deeply feel that China will become weaker and weaker if it goes on like this. They advocate learning from the West, imitating Japan's reform and reform, impact beam tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, and strengthening its national strength.." Song Qingling told her third sister in detail from the Reform Movement to Mr. Sun's advocacy of republicanism, and then United with Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao, intellectuals with certain progressive ideas, and now parted ways. They should treat Mr. Sun like this. What's the point of such people? According to my idea, all these royalists should be arrested and destroyed. The revolutionary party has carried out many assassinations. Just kill these people directly. Soong Mei-ling looked at her sister with righteous words and a hawkish look. Third Sister, although it is easy to assassinate them, there are still many people who are deceived by them. If they die, those who are deceived by them will never know the truth. Mr. Sun, what they are doing now is to win over those who have been deceived and make more people believe in the Republic. Am I right, second sister? Yiling explained softly to her sister. Haha, Yaoru, your three daughters are not simple! With hearty laughter, a middle-aged man in Western-style clothes and Song Jiashu walked into the study, followed by several men in robes. I'm flattered, Mr. Sun, ha ha. Qingling, Meiling, Yiling, come and see Mr. Sun. Song Jiashu's mouth is modest, but his words are indescribably proud, his daughters are his treasures! "Qingling (Meiling, Yiling) has seen Mr. Sun!" The three sisters were a little excited to see the characters they were discussing suddenly appear in front of them. Mr. Sun looked at his friend's daughters. He had just listened to their talk outside. He knew a little about these girls. The older girl was Qingling. She knew her revolutionary experience very well. There were two twin girls. The more lively one was Meiling. The silent one should be Yiling. It seemed that Yiling seldom opened her mouth in front of outsiders. If I hadn't heard her talk, I wouldn't have known that this little girl could see so much. Although it's normal for an adult to see it, it's not easy for a little girl to see it. Subconsciously, Sun Wen looked up to this little girl. After chatting for a while, Song Jiashu let his second and third daughters do their own things, and then let the youngest daughter nest in the big chair to read, and he and Sun Wen talked about the revolution in detail. On March 7, he published a book with Kang Youwei, which publicly refuted Kang Youwei, which can be said to be gratifying. "It is a pity that Kang and Liang spread false revolution and true royalism among overseas Chinese, which is very harmful to the revolution!" Sun Wen sighed with emotion. Mr. McWilliams is going to pay for the publication of "The Real Solution to the China Problem-An Appeal to the American People" in New York, and I have this intention here to let more people know about Mr. McWilliams and read his works.. " Yiling sat quietly on one side of the chair, looking at the book in her hand, listening to the conversation between Sun Wen, the father of the country in history, and his father in this life. It's an act of God! Xia Meng has always believed this. Otherwise,beam impact tubes, why did the Japanese try their best to go back to World War II and change the history of World War II without success, but let themselves succeed? They successfully came to China in this era and became a person who had never appeared in history, the twin sister of Song Meiling.