Shangguan Ding Shenlong Qijue

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To the depression, a type of "upside down golden hook" to hook the protruding stone between the walls with fingers, hanging

To the depression, a type of "upside down golden hook" to hook the protruding stone between the walls with fingers, hanging down to look at the depression, originally in the depression. There is a lion's head, huge, the lion's neck is full of small holes, small holes and pool water level, therefore, strong wind and waves, pool water irrigation. Into the small hole, is to make a strange sound like a ghost howl, so named "Ghost Yin Pool.". When Yiming looked at it, he couldn't help smiling and thought to himself, "The bandits of the Skeleton Gang are doing this thing to frighten three-year-old children.". As soon as Ming Yi Gao was bold, he immediately closed his legs and bowed down, a style of "swallow through the peach forest", gently flicked into the mouth of the giant lion, and stopped. A hiding place. Stopped for a moment, and no movement, then turned to the giant lion stone screen, looked up, the lion body is made of bluestone, winding. And above, unfathomable. To more than ten Zhangs, reveal some weak light. Yiming lightly lifted his footsteps and scraped the ground. His own flying skill was not weak, so he walked without a sound. When he reached the end, there was a stone gate on the right. The stone door was already half open, and he peeped in at the side of the door next to his body, and saw that there were more than ten stone steps behind the door, stretching down, and the stone steps were finished. It was a stone house. In the middle of the stone house was a deep dry pool. On the edge of the pool was a clarinet with a thick arm. The clarinet was embedded in the wall. Know where to go. At this time, the three of them were gathered around the pool, and the old firewood was holding the torch high in his hand, which illuminated the whole room. The laughing and crying woman was still dressed in gray, but she lifted the mask, and he bent down to twist the clarinet. The old witch, Sabudo, crouched on the ground and opened the iron box with great care. Suddenly she heard the laughing and crying woman say, "Is there no water in this pool?" As he spoke, he twisted the clarinet. The old woodcutter, who was baking in the winter, gave a strange laugh and said, "There is no water in this'pool of beauty. 'Won't the old devil have a hard time sleeping?" "Then why?" Asked the laughing and crying woman. "This water has the function of refreshing the face and the spleen," said the old firewood in winter. "It can rejuvenate the old and turn ugliness into beauty, especially for women. Is simply invaluable, efficacy such as God, the old devil left and right embrace of the powder doll, lasting not old, face does not change, that is to rely on this The power of water. Winter baking old firewood? Gush endlessly He shook his head and spoke until he was foaming at the mouth. Hearing this, the laughing and crying woman and the old witch shook her heart. The old witch stood up and said, "Then why did the pool dry up? If there is." OK Suddenly he stopped talking, squatted down, and continued to open the iron box. "What's the matter?" The old woodcutter laughed! You witch want to be beautiful, don't you? ? But just so you know, Like a change from the heart, you witch Mother-in-law has such a heart, with your face? It can be said that the inside should cooperate with the outside. , worthy of the name! With a wave of her left palm, the laughing and crying woman wanted to slap the old firewood in the face, plastic pallet price ,collapsible bulk containers, but the old firewood dodged sideways and stared back, saying: "What!"! You want to hit someone? ?” The laughing and crying woman stepped forward and shouted, "Grandma beat you, a shameless old sour thing. You've been reading for a few days. Where are you?" They are always not serious and full of nonsense. "I won't dare to do it next time," said the old woodcutter with a smile on his face after baking his robe in winter. He bowed down and replied, "I'll get there first. Destroyed it. The laughing and crying woman exclaimed, "If the devil had sent someone to look at us, wouldn't it be terrible for us?" "I think it's past the third watch now," said the old woodcutter in a deep voice. "Even if we find out, it's tomorrow. Let's hurry up and do it." Now the laughing and crying woman had unscrewed the clarinet and turned to the old woodcutter and asked, "The cork in the old devil's house hasn't been pulled out yet." Isn't the water pipe still blocked? "Don't worry," said the old woodcutter with a smile. "An inside man has already done it for you." As he spoke, his face was full of pride. At this moment, by the side of the stone gate, Yiming was already a little sore all over, and already felt impatient in his heart. Listen to his words, just want to kill the old devil, steal the "dementor bell", why don't I get there first, is to fight for life Also want to get, find Li Niang, although die what regret. The mind decided to turn around and leave the "Yan Tan", looking for the old road, jumped out of the wall, and then rushed to the hillside. The peak of the Poisonous Miasma Ridge is full of clouds, and the jungle is dense, the soil is moist, so the fallen leaves are corroded, and the miasma is transpiring. The victim will be poisoned and fall unconscious. Although Yiming relied on the merit of "Jade Gallbladder" to avoid the poison, he could not cross the steep mountain, so he was very anxious. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed through the forest from a few feet away, as fast as lightning. Yiming was startled and said to himself, "In the middle of the night, I don't know the people on the road who patronize this poisonous mountain. It seems that there will be another one tonight." "What a sight!" He jumped right behind the man. The man walked quickly along the foot of the mountain, his clothes fluttering in the wind, and suddenly his short body disappeared. Yiming can't help but be greatly shocked. Can't I see a ghost? Jump up and walk quickly. 。 After walking a few feet, it turned out that there was a deep valley in front of him, and the man had fled into the valley and was drinking water in a small pool at the mouth of the valley. After he drank the water, he stood up and said proudly, "Fight poison with poison to survive." Yiming thought, isn't he reciting the poem on the huge stone before entering the mountain? Is it necessary to drink this water before entering this poisonous mountain? ? Before he had finished thinking, the man had already turned to the valley. Yiming then jumped into the valley and walked to the edge of the pool, only to see that the water in the pool was as dark as ink, and that the water was filthy and poisonous. Snakes, cockroaches, centipedes, geckos.. Has been rotten, vicious gas, blunt people want to vomit, a song to this do not drink, but that to fight poison with poison The epigram, and constantly lingering in the brain, had no choice but to lift his breath, closed his breath, squinted and drank a mouthful, turned to the valley. Rush. The valley twists and turns, I do not know how far to go, just caught a glimpse of the front of a high Fu. At this time, the man was climbing on the high mound. He ran very slowly, as if he was afraid that people would discover his whereabouts. Yiming also followed closely behind him, climbing up the high mound step by step. The moonlight is dim and the fields are smoky. After Yiming climbed up the high mound, he was exhausted. Seeing a piece of bluestone in front of him, he took advantage of the situation to take two or three steps and wanted to sit down. Take a rest. Suddenly,plastic pallet containers, two dark shadows ran up to Gaofu, and as soon as they sounded, they dodged behind the tree. The two shadows came so fast that they suddenly came to the front of them.