Quickly wear the undead patient.

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-Thanks to all the little angels who threw thunder to me, love you Mada = 3 = Three sings and three sighs threw a grenade.

-Thanks to all the little angels who threw thunder to me, love you Mada = 3 = Three sings and three sighs threw a grenade. Shoubao Xiaoxiao Crisp threw a mine. Shoubao Xiaoxiao Crisp threw a mine. Grief-stricken little fart threw a landmine. zo?ei? C Dropped 1 mine Ghost Lantern Night Walk threw a grenade. Viola threw a mine. Make a rock and throw a grenade. Zunshang of Qi Mumu's family threw a mine. Grief-stricken little fart threw a landmine. Flying Violet threw a mine. Jing Shu threw a mine. The snow threw a mine. I threw a mine. I threw a mine. Chapter 78 I heard that you also have a crush on me. The author has something to say: has been replaced, tomorrow to start copying the list of mines thanks. Thank you for the little angels who threw thunder and left messages for me. I will come to see your messages when I am slow. I love you forever. PS. I have secretly lurked in the readership to peep at everyone. Xie Shu's hand is always very warm, Su Jinzhi likes the feeling of Xie Shu holding his hand and holding his whole hand in the palm of his hand. This feeling is like a fragile snail that has never been protected by a shell, but suddenly one day has a shell, and he can safely curl up inside and be gently protected. But now, when Xie Shu held him, Su Jinzhi suddenly found that Xie Shu's fingertips were a little cold. Su Jinzhi sat up straight and let Xie Shu hold his hand and slowly touch and move on his face. Soon, he touched a piece of skin that was different from the rest of Xie Shu's face. It was a scar, a little hard and rough to the touch, very similar to the scar left on his body after the accident. Do you know how you got this scar? Xie Shu's voice was very low, heavy and hoarse. "I killed people and spent six years in prison. This scar came from prison." "You see, I'm not a good person at all." Xie Shu said, raised his hand and gently stroked Su Jinzhi's eyes, "still not good-looking,plastic pallet bins, I'm just afraid you regret it." "You killed someone, but you paid the price." You are not good-looking. Is it great to have a scar on your face? Xie Shu did not say that it was all right, but when he said Su Jinzhi, he wanted to bite him. Su Jinzhi pulled back his hand and lifted the towel wrapped around him. "Then I still have so many scars on my body, and I'm not good-looking either." Or a cripple who can only walk on crutches! I can't do anything, I have to rely on my brother to support me,plastic bulk containers, I have to rely on you to feed me. You see I can't live without you. Why would I regret it? As Su Jinzhi spoke, his voice weakened, with a faint cry: "You don't even know." How I wish I could meet you. Not only hope to meet you, but also hope to be with you for a longer time, even if it is a day, an hour, or a minute, but also hope to stay in this world for the last second to watch you, and then before the next encounter, with all the time to miss you. Xie Shu looked at Su Jinzhi suddenly red eyes, stunned a few seconds later hurriedly hugged him, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, wiping his tears with his fingers: "How suddenly cried..." "You just want to see me cry!" Su Jinzhi pushed aside his hand and wiped his tears at random, but the other hand was tightly wrapped around Xie Shu's waist, fearing that Xie Shu would suddenly get up and leave him. "If my eyes are good, you will break up with me, then I might as well be blind for a lifetime." "What are you talking about?" Xie Shu could not hear Su Jinzhi say that he did not take care of his body, but he could not bear to blame Su Jinzhi loudly. He could only pat his buttocks meaningfully. "When did I say I wanted to break up with you?" "I'm blind." You even hit me. Su Jinzhi was even more aggrieved, "you just want to break up with me!" "I won't break up with you." Xie Shu looked at his little pitiful appearance with red eyes, and the words that had been brewing in the bottom of his heart could not be said, "You can't even mention me." "That's what you said." Su Jinzhi grabbed Xie Shu's hand. Xie Shu said, "Yes.". ” When Su Jinzhi saw that he had promised so quickly, he immediately grabbed Xie Shu's hand and turned to touch his buttocks: "You just hurt me.." Xie Shu listened to his complaint simply do not know whether to laugh or cry, he just meaning to gently pat the young man's buttocks, even tickling the strength did not come out, how can it be painful? But even so understand, Xie Shu or follow the meaning of Su Jinzhi, put his hand on the buttocks of the young soft bullet: "very painful?"? Shall I rub it for you? Su Jinzhi was so satisfied with Xie Shu's interest that he immediately turned over and lay on the bed, pouting his buttocks higher, hoping that Xie Shu could not hold it and then could not describe it to him. However, Xie Shu really said what is what, said to rub his buttocks is really just a hand rub. Don't do anything too much. Here Xie Shu has not yet had any reaction, Su Jinzhi himself first had a little feeling. He drilled into the quilt next to him, pulled the quilt over to cover his lower body, and his voice was a little low: "You are so good." How can you kill someone? Xie Shu paused and replied, "To save a man." "Do you regret saving him?" "No regrets." Xie Shu looked at the young man's white ears between his fine black hair, with some powder and a layer of fine soft fluff on them. He answered without hesitation, but the young man did not say anything more. Xie Shu leaned close to him and found that the young man had closed his eyes-he was asleep. He lay on the pillow, his ruddy lips open, breathing in small gulps, looking docile and well-behaved. The man raised his hand, pulled the young man's broken hair behind his ears, picked up the quilt beside him to cover the young man, tucked it in his neck, and then kissed him gently on his lips, gently and affectionately: "If one day we are separated, it is certainly not because I do not love you,collapsible pallet bin, but because.." You forgot me. The man paused, and his dark gray eyes were empty. After all, how can a stubborn person like me give up his favorite person easily? 。 binpallet.com