The glory of Germany

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"I finally took it down!" Looking at the fluttering flag, Ji Ming suddenly felt relaxed. Then he turned to Sorenstam and shouted

"I finally took it down!" Looking at the fluttering flag, Ji Ming suddenly felt relaxed. Then he turned to Sorenstam and shouted, "Cigarette!"! Give me a cigarette! See this situation. Sorenstam, who was standing in the back, immediately took out a cigarette and handed it to the other party. He took out a lighter and trembled to light the fire for his eldest brother. But their cigarettes are not lit yet. The situation on the battlefield has changed again. The British came out of nowhere. And then suddenly launched a counterattack. The Germans, who had just occupied the position, were apparently stunned by the sudden appearance of the British. The war situation was reversed again in an instant. Ten minutes later, the German soldiers who had just occupied the position were again driven down by the British. The flag planted in the position was also pulled out by the British and planted upside down on the ground. See this scene. Ji Ming can only use a wry smile to express his current mood. "Hey!" He sighed heavily. Then he turned to Lanz and said, "Headmaster.". It seems that we can't break through the other side's defense line today! You go and tell the Xersts that it's a failure and it doesn't matter. Also. Put two of their divisions in reserve. Give me a battalion. In addition,plastic pallet crates, the 29th Motorized Division should not join the battle. B Reserve. Continue to put pressure on the other side's defensive line. Don't charge on a large scale. A small number of charges and intensive shelling are still indispensable! With that, Ji Ming raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. It's getting late now. It's time for us to execute the second attack plan. I'll leave it to the headmaster! Then he left the forward command without looking back. Although the German army led by Ji Ming once again "hit the wall collectively" in Montgomery's defensive position, but for the victorious Britain. They don't feel good. After the battle, Montgomery counted the losses of his troops. He made a striking discovery. His 3rd Infantry Division had only about 2,ibc spill containment pallet,000 men left to fight. The Belgians, who defended with them, had only 1300 men left. These people don't add up to enough to fill each other's teeth. The last counterattack just now. He had sent all the troops he could muster to the battlefield. If the other side attacks again. He really doesn't know if he can hold it. What made him even more depressed was that the reinforcements he had asked for had not been sent, which made him feel a little frightened. Because, as long as the other side launched a decent attack, then their own defense really collapsed. For Montgomery's telegrams begging for help. Gott's expression was very complicated. To be honest, he was not unaware of the importance of Charleroi's second line of defence. But now he has no soldiers to send. Giraud's attack took away all his mobility. Originally, collapsible pallet box ,drum spill pallet, Gott hoped that Giraud would be able to slow himself down after conquering the village of Lena-Lalud. It's backfired now 。 No, but the Germans continue to storm Montgomery. And now even the attack on the village of Lena Lalud has reached a stalemate. The allied forces led by Giraud attacked the village of Laina-Lalud again and again. But the other side's battle line did not collapse. The heavily depleted Wehrmacht 16th Infantry Division was still in the attack force, and Heinrich even had some mobile reserves. According to intelligence, at least one more infantry regiment was sent to reinforce him, which made Gott feel a little frightened. He really didn't know how many reserves the other side had. So for the time being there was a stand-off between the two sides in the area west of the village of Laina-Lalud, and the officers and soldiers of both sides were desperately fighting for every house and every wall; the third column of the allied forces went west to the village of Laina-Lalud to Corberni.:. Flanking the enemy. 。 But suffered heavy casualties in the crossfire of German light tanks and anti-aircraft artillery. Heinrich, on the other hand, played more and more spiritually and delicately. He was cleverly deployed to absorb every coalition assault, such as a small number of skirmishers hiding in villages to harass them, and then launching artillery attacks or calling in air support when the other side's array was ready to disperse. Their own troops launched a battalion-level counterattack from the flank, taking the opportunity to seize the favorable terrain again. At the moment, every battle line is stretched straight, according to Heinrich's phone call to Zimming. Now if you add another drop of water, the whole bucket will overflow. ” Faced with this situation, Gott had to make a choice. Either he had to get Giraud to stop attacking the village of Laina-Lalud, so that he could draw out his troops to reinforce his left flank. Or he would have to reinforce Montgomery with troops from other lines. For Gott, the former is certainly not suitable. Because Giraud's troops are attacking. If we mobilize our forces now. It will have a great impact on their morale. Moreover, from the coalition forces, the performance of Lena Lalud Village is not very bad. Gott believes that it only takes a little effort to completely crush the other side's defense. So, at this critical moment. It is absolutely impossible to transfer a single soldier from there. Soon Gott turned his eyes to the heights of the Alliance Hotel in the middle line. As the highest place in Waterloo. The 173-high plateau where the Alliance Hotel is located has become an important place. Plus the capture of Hougomont Castle. The heights were directly exposed to the German threat. So the British immediately strengthened their forces. About two British divisions and a Belgian brigade, totalling three men, were on the plateau. But the Germans did not go on the offensive as they thought. As a result, the troops placed there suddenly lost their place of use. And now the forces on all fronts are very tight. And it's a bit of a waste to put so many people there. So after a lot of thinking. Gott finally made a decision. That is to withdraw a portion of our forces from the heights of the Alliance Hotel. Reinforce it to its own right. Although on the surface,plastic pallet suppliers, there was nothing wrong with the order, it was a failure and laid a foreshadowing for the defeat of the Allies. Part IV Chapter 46 Sudden Change of Wind and Cloud Updated: January 7, 2009 2:47:59 Words in this Chapter: 3123.