Rebirth of 90 Miraculous Doctors Cute Wife (1)

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So I guess she will find another way to deal with me in order to get the benefits promised by the people behind the scenes after

So I guess she will find another way to deal with me in order to get the benefits promised by the people behind the scenes after she finds out that she can't modify my college entrance examination application. Jiang Heng thought about it and laughed sarcastically: "Your guess should be right, but I think Zhao Yuqi may not be so smart.". Since the person who is dealing with you is hiding behind his back, he will not tell her his identity. Where on earth did Zhao Yuqi get the confidence that the man would give her benefits? Su Meng is helpless: "She may not trust that person wholeheartedly, but she is just lucky.". If she doesn't want to repeat a year, this is her only chance. In such a situation, how many people can not be moved? She can also guess who is behind Zhao Yuqi. It's just Su Yunhua. The woman seemed to be particularly fond of this method of calculating people behind their backs, and did not know from whom she had learned it. First Yang Jihui, and now Zhao Yuqi. And the killer from a previous life. Su Yunhua has never changed. Su Meng raised her lips sarcastically and said coldly, "I guess Zhao Yuqi will make an issue of my grades." "Your grades?" Jiang Heng Wen Yan was stunned, then calmly analyzed, "The results of the college entrance examination have come out, Zhao Yuqi can not change your results, she has not that ability.". So what you mean is that she will slander you for cheating in the college entrance examination and having problems with your grades? Su Meng nodded and said firmly, "Even if she doesn't do it, the person behind her will let her do it." Who let her get the national science champion this time, and her grades were better than Su Yunhua's? Su Yunhua that woman seems to be used to being praised since childhood, simply do not want to accept other people more powerful than her. It's a pity that she can't stretch her hand so long that she can't revise her college entrance examination results. So, that woman will definitely use this disgusting method against her! These days, the cost of rumors is too low. There is a popular saying on the Internet of later generations: a rumor is opened,38 needle valve, and a rumor is refuted. Most of the time, rumors are a matter of mouth. However, once rumors spread, those who are willing to believe will naturally believe them. Even if the official rumor is refuted, a large number of people will still believe the rumor. Like a clean piece of white paper, once splashed with stains, it will never be washed clean. Su Yunhua will definitely use this method to disgust her! Su Meng sneered disdainfully. She has not dealt with Su Yunhua,hydraulic fitting supplier, because before getting the DNA test report, she has not been sure whether her guess is right or not. I don't want to attack people arbitrarily because of a guess without definite evidence. In that case, what's the difference between her and the person who killed her in a previous life? But now, she has got the DNA test report, can confirm that Su Yunhua is the previous life ordered the killer to kill her that person, she will not be polite with Su Yunhua! And Zhao Yuqi! If she doesn't do those things, it's all right, but if she doesn't come to her senses, don't blame her for not thinking of her deskmate! Jiang Heng's face also became ugly. Suddenly, he got up and said, "Mengmeng, you go to a place with me." Su Meng Wen Yan is stupefied, see his facial expression is serious, tube fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, did not ask more after all, just say: "Then you wait a moment, I go to change clothes." Then she flew directly back to the room, quickly changed her clothes, and followed Jiang Heng out of the door. Jiang Heng drove all the way with a sullen face, so frightened that Su Meng did not dare to ask more questions. When she arrived at the place, she was completely stunned and never thought that Jiang Heng would bring her to such a place! Jiang Heng is pushing her to go in: "Go, go measuring, be prepared." Su Meng was helpless for a while, but he went in obediently. An hour later, the two men came out of it. Su Meng took one look at Jiang Heng and found that his face looked much better. Then she said helplessly, "Are you relieved now?" Jiang Heng nodded happily, and then told him with a straight face: "If your deskmate really slanders you, you can't be soft." "Don't worry, I'm not a child." Su Meng sarcastically pulled the corners of her mouth, she had died once, how could she be soft on the enemy? She knew how dangerous the human heart was in her previous life. I just don't want to be like those unscrupulous people, so I always stick to the bottom line and don't hurt innocent people. If Zhao Yuqi stopped at this point, she could ignore the phone calls she made. After all, it didn't really hurt her. But if Zhao Yuqi is unrepentant, then she must let Zhao Yuqi pay the price she deserves. She is not dough, how can people casually knead round and flat? Jiang Heng is really, not just know her, unexpectedly this confidence is not. Is she that useless? Su Meng thought of this and glanced at Jiang Heng unhappily. Jiang Heng knew what she was thinking and deliberately changed the subject: "By the way, when I went back today, I seemed to smell the smell of hot pot in the room. Did you make hot pot?" Su Meng knew that he did it on purpose, but he still gave face to follow his words and said: "I told Xie Yunting to invite him to dinner. He wanted to eat hot pot, so I made some." As soon as she said this, her cell phone rang. Su Meng took out her cell phone and found that it was Xie Yunting. She immediately answered: "Have you got off the plane?" Xie Yunting is stupefied first, just say helplessly next: "You guess too accurate also, I just got off a plane, had joined up with my father, we come over here, are you in the home?" 0263 Insane Su Meng looked around subconsciously and then said, "I had something before, so I came out and went back right away.". By the time you get here, we'll be there. The hot pot is ready, and you can eat it when you arrive. Hsieh Yun-ting immediately said, "All right, we'll be right there.". Be careful on your way. There's no hurry. We can wait. Then Jiang Heng drove the car over and stopped beside Su Meng. Su Meng got on the bus and said to Xie Yunting, "I'll hang up first and talk to you later." Xie Yunting also wants to chat with her more, Wen Yan can not help but feel some regret. But he did not refuse,pipe fittings manufacturer, along with Su Meng's meaning promised, heard Su Meng this side hung up the phone, he hung up the phone.