The Terror Storm of the End Times

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Thought for a moment, Yang Xuan got up and walked forward again, this time, he played 100% of the spirit, every step is careful.

Thought for a moment, Yang Xuan got up and walked forward again, this time, he played 100% of the spirit, every step is careful. In this forest full of dangers, if you step on it carelessly, you may die! The middle-aged man just now is the best example! Along the way, occasionally found some monsters, Yang Xuan directly pulled out the blood crossbow to kill it, try not to cause too much noise. Not long after walking, Yang Xuan suddenly heard the sound of a spring in front of him, listening to its surging sound, there should be a waterfall. Yang Xuan hesitated for a moment and then walked over to the waterfall. The surrounding trees gradually thinned, revealing an empty rock pile, in which there was a pool of clear water, pebbles under the pool, one by one, clearly visible. Above the rock pile, there is a steep cliff, a flying spring like silvery silk cloth, which rushes down from the end of the cliff and hits the rocks below, splashing countless waves. However, what attracted Yang Xuan most was that in the pool, in a shoal position, there was a flower and grass with a faint purple awn. This flower is like a lotus flower, with three leaves in full bloom, all purple,12 needle valve, each leaf is like a spirit, like the wings of a spirit, swaying gently in the breeze. In the center of the leaves, there is a purple light group, like a gestating life, emitting a faint purple mist. Violet! Yang Xuan saw the origin of this grass at a glance, which is the 89th violet grass in the list of exotic grass in the realm of cultivation! Do not look down upon this ranking, Xiuzhen world is broad and profound, inherited from the ancient flood and famine, through the ancient and medieval three centuries,38 tube fitting, until now, can be ranked 89 by the predecessors, it is absolutely one in a million! Looking at this violet grass, Yang Xuan's eyes immediately hot up, "rumors, violet grass can refine mixed yuan Dan, can help condense the failure of the golden elixir, forcibly promoted to the golden elixir realm, the effect is amazing!"! Moreover, this grass also has an effect, specially used to feed the unicorn beast! The unicorn beast, which has always been a legendary existence in the realm of cultivation, is called the ancient auspicious beast! In ancient times, each of the four sacred beasts occupied a continent, and although the unicorn beast was not as strong as the four sacred beasts, whenever the unicorn was born, the world would surge and set off a fanatical trend. Because in the rumor, the kylin is the mount of Da Luo Jinxian! Big Luo Jinxian, even in the eyes of yuan Yingjing's predecessors, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,14 tube fitting, belongs to the level of immortals! It's just that no one has ever seen.. All this is just a legend, as to whether there is a Kirin in the world, whether there is a big Luo Jinxian, are just rumors in people's mouths, so far no one has confirmed! However, Yang Xuan doesn't care about the unicorn beast, the reason for his excitement is that even if the ordinary Jindan monks eat it, they can also forcibly upgrade a level! Reached the golden elixir, every step of ascension is extremely difficult! At first, it absorbs tens of thousands of crystal nuclei, and then it can reach the state of building foundation. Now, however, it takes more than two million crystal nuclei to ascend to the middle stage of the golden elixir realm in the early stage of the golden elixir realm alone, and it is even more difficult to ascend from the middle stage to the late stage! "With a violet grass, I will be able to rise to the peak of the golden elixir!" Yang Xuan was so excited that he was about to go over and pick the violet grass. Suddenly, his face changed slightly, his body stopped immediately, and he quickly hid in the grass next to him. Through the gap between the leaves, Yang Xuan looked around and found that there was no movement. Is it my delusion? Yang Xuan frowned, just now he obviously felt a trace of crisis, and, this violet grass so obviously put there, how can it be ownerless? Even if ordinary people do not recognize this thing, but as long as it can emit light, spit purple mist, they know that it is not an ordinary thing! As his mind turned, Yang Xuan hid in the grass, completely holding his breath and waiting quietly. Rustling! An hour later, the grass not far away suddenly became turbulent, and a black figure rushed out of it. Looking at its appearance, it turned out to be a black pig monster with a pair of white horns on its head. It looked strange. The black pig monster ran to the pool, apparently thirsty for a drink. Yang Xuan's eyes narrowed and he stared at the black pig monster. In Yang Xuan's gaze, the black pig monster slowly trotted to the edge of the pool, picked a place, immediately stretched down his neck, gulped a few mouthfuls of pool water, then shook his body and turned away. During the whole process, nothing happened. Yang Xuan could not help frowning, is it his own illusion, there is really no trap here? Could it be that seeing those two sinister young men before has made me suspicious now? Just as he was thinking about it, the black pig monster, who was about to come out of the grass, suddenly fell to the ground with a "splash", and his nose and ears overflowed with red blood. Yang Xuan's eyes froze at once! "Damn it!" A swearing voice sounded from the edge of a hidden rock. A young man in black walked up to the black pig monster and chopped the latter's head with a knife. He took out a blue crystal nucleus from its head and scolded angrily: "Damn beast, delay my good plan. If I don't catch those two Wudang disciples, I will burn you and eat you!" The black pig monster lay motionless on the ground, completely ignoring his words. The young man in black scolded a few times, then did not dare to delay, hurriedly buried the body of the black pig monster, then, made a surprise move to Yang Xuan, saw the young man in black suddenly took out an electric fan from the ring, blowing at the place where the black pig monster was buried, blowing away all the faint smell of blood, this is satisfied, and then walked back to the rock, continue to hide. Seeing the action of the young man in black, Yang Xuan was shocked and speechless. Although the young man in black looked a little rough, he was so careful that he didn't even let go of the smell of blood in the air. It was done seamlessly! "I'm afraid the young man in black not only poisoned the pool of water, but also hid a mechanism beside the violet grass!" Yang Xuan's eyes flashed,14 needle valve, his mind turned, and he squatted in the grass and continued to wait. This squat, is three hours.