Jade dew and golden boy

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Zong Yi almost jumped up and said hurriedly, "What?"! She's still alive? Where is she? Chen Jian and Yixin were very surprised.

Zong Yi almost jumped up and said hurriedly, "What?"! She's still alive? Where is she? Chen Jian and Yixin were very surprised. Yun Tianfeng sighed in a low voice, "Actually, she's almost as good as dead. Even if you see her, you won't know her again!" Zong Yi said hurriedly, "Even if she turns to ashes, I will recognize her. Mrs. Chen, please tell me where she is." Yun Tianfeng lowered her head and pondered, as if she were considering whether she should speak out. Chen Jian also helped to request: "Tianfeng!"! Just say it! Yun Tianfeng thought for a long time before saying, "Originally she told me to wait for her to die before telling her whereabouts. Now that you have been to the Garden of Everlasting Regret and know the inside story, you don't have to keep the secret.". What do you think of her now? Zong Yi said sadly, "Now I finally understand why she can't suffer from me. But my love for her has never changed. Now there is no hatred in the Garden of Everlasting Regret. She should also see me.." Yuntianfeng smiled and said, "What if I see you?"? At that time, we met when we were young, leaving only lovesickness and separation, but now we have stars on our temples.. Zong Yi said with a wry smile, "Madam is right. At this age, we can no longer talk about love between men and women, but our hearts are always young."! Our memories are also young. I just want to see her again and pursue the young heart in my memory. Yuntianfeng sighed again, "The young heart is yours. Her heart has become an unbreakable stone well. It is completely dedicated to the green lamp." Zong Yi was in a daze and then said, "You mean she became a monk!" "Not bad,fenugreek saponins," said Yun Tianfeng! She not only disobeyed the order of Aunt Hentian, but also betrayed your love. Of course, she had to become a monk. Fifteen years ago, she broke her sword and showed her regret. When she left, she took a pair of carrier pigeons with her. She told me when she brought me the news of her death and asked me to find you and tell you everything. As a result, I found you first, but her death flood has not yet been received, which proves that she is still alive.. Zong Yi thought for a moment and said,rosmarinic acid supplement, "Anyway, I must find her. Mrs. Chen, please tell me." Yun Tianfeng pondered for a moment and then said, "It's all right!"! Let you try your luck! You just need to tell her that I have changed my name to Yuntianfeng, and maybe I can get her heart back and stay with you, but she only has a bald head. Zong Yi saw that there was sarcasm in her tone, and her face could not help showing a sullen look. "Don't be unconvinced," Yun Tianfeng snorted. "I'm scolding her. Strictly speaking, I'm qualified to kill her." Zong Yi did not dare to harden any further. "Yes," he said anxiously! Mrs. Chen, I also know that I hurt her, but please be merciful and help us! The old man will be grateful to you all his life. Only then did Yun Tianfeng smile back and say, "Xianxia guest on the Xianxia Ridge, the hidden love is just the hidden lover in his command." Zong Yi lost his voice and said, Xianxia Ridge! Is she in Xianxia Ridge? "It's a great coincidence, naringenin price ,tannic acid astringent," said Yixin with a slight smile. "Master Zong doesn't have to go anywhere else. It's just convenient for both public and private affairs. He's going with us." Chen Jian couldn't help being stunned and said, Master! Are you going to Xianxia Ridge? Yixin nodded and said, "Not bad!"! The Seven Sword Schools gather in Xianxia Ridge. I came here specially to look for you. If I can't find you today, I'll have to go there alone early tomorrow morning. Chen Jian said in surprise, "The Seven Sword Schools have gathered at Xianxia Ridge."? What was that for? Is it necessary to hold a meeting to discuss swords? Yixin sighed lightly, "It's not only to discuss the sword, but also to save the fate of Wulin. In the past, we misunderstood Nangong Yixiong." Chen Jian stared, showing a blank look. "You haven't been in the world for half a year," said Yixin. "You are very isolated from the current situation in Jianghu." "Master," said Chen Jian in surprise! How do you know we. "Last month," said Yixin, "Daxia Zong and I received a message from Nangong Yixiong about you. It is said that you are practicing swordsmanship in a secluded place. It will probably take you a few days to finish it. We were asked to come here to look for you. As a result, Daxia Zong and I waited on the lake for four days and finally found you!" Chen Jian was eager to know what Jianghu plunder was, so he urged, "Master, tell me what's going on.". ” One heart sighed. This robbery started twenty years ago. It could have started a few years later, but it started half a year earlier because of Zhuo Shaofu's disturbance in the Sword City. At that time, you were starting to retreat. You may not know, but I remember telling you about the'Seven Seas and One Dragon '.. Chen Jian shouted, "Isn't that the masked swordsman of twenty years ago?" "Not bad," said Yixin! He appeared like a gust of wind, which set off a huge wave of blood in the martial arts world. At that time, most of the famous swordsmen were killed by his sword. As a result, only one person had seen his true face except the name of the seven characters. Yun Tianfeng suddenly interjected, "That man is Nangong Yixiong." "Not bad," said Yixin Weizheng! How did Miss Yun know? Yun Tianfeng smiled and said, "I'm guessing, but I'm not guessing out of thin air, because he was the first to put forward the so-called robbery in Wulin.." Yixin sighed, "Miss Yun guessed right. That man's swordsmanship is very strange, and his origins are very complicated. Nangong Yixiong has been studying swordsmanship for many years. Originally, he had no intention of competing for the world. Because that man's means were too hot, he was forced to come out and compare with that man. Although no one saw him in that battle, I think it must be very wonderful. According to Nangong Yixiong, that man used seven sets of swords altogether." Each of them is the supreme and mysterious learning, but the result is still defeated by Nangong Yixiong, so the man changed his traces in Jianghu, and no one knows where he went. Nangong Yixiong also thought that the world would be peaceful, but two years ago, the man found Nangongyixiong's home again, which is now the Sword City, and challenged Nangongyixiong. This time his swordsmanship was more refined, and he still used seven swordsmanship. Each kind of swordsmanship was better than Nangong Yixiong's, but the man was not satisfied. He threatened that when he came back next time, he would only use one set of swordsmanship, and let Nangong Yixiong choose one of the seven sets of swords, that is,lycopene for skin, within three strokes, he could teach Nangong Yxiong to give his head under the sword, and then he would kill.. Chen Jian did not believe it: "That seems unlikely. Nangong Yixiong's swordsmanship has been perfected.." 。 prius-biotech.com