Rebirth of the prehistoric I for Zhunti

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"Since the immortal is like this, I have already had some countermeasures. I hope the immortal will teach me!"

"Since the immortal is like this, I have already had some countermeasures. I hope the immortal will teach me!" Xuanyuan straightened his figure and bowed to Maitreya. I'm just a rough man in the mountains. What's the plan there! However, now that I have received your gift, I would like to remind you that the Jiuli tribe has the help of the ancient witches. Most of you are ordinary people, and you are absolutely no match for others. It's better to surrender. With that, there was another burst of laughter. If Maitreya's words were heard by ordinary people, they would suspect that he was sent by Chiyou to make trouble! But Xuanyuan, as the emperor of heaven, is naturally not an ordinary person. He immediately understood what Maitreya meant and said with a smile, "Thank you for your advice!" After thanking Maitreya, Xuanyuan let everyone go down to rest and welcome the coming war. But he himself, after the people left, lit the incense that Guang Chengzi left for himself when he left. Not long after the incense was lit, Guang Chengzi arrived, and Guang Chengzi came with eleven Taoists of different shapes. Xuanyuan guessed that the eleven Taoists must be Guangchengzi's fellow disciples, and hurried forward to see the ceremony. Of the twelve, only Guangchengzi received a gift from Xuanyuan, while the others dodged. Now that you are about to complete your merits and honor your status, you don't have to be too polite to us! Guang Chengzi explained to the surprised Xuanyuan. These eleven are all my fellow students, and we are all here to help you with the decree of the sage teacher. With that, Guang Chengzi introduced the visitors to Xuanyuan one by one. Thank you,turmeric extract powder, immortals, Xuanyuan here with the people of the world to thank you for the righteousness of the immortals! Xuanyuan Road. You're welcome. It's our honor to help the emperor. The eleven Taoists said politely. After being polite again, Xuanyuan welcomed Guang Chengzi and other twelve people into the tent. The next day, early in the morning, a woman fell from the sky like a goddess of nine days and came to Xuanyuan's army. The origin of this woman is also quite not simple. She was originally a nine-day Xuannu in the fairy world. This time, she came here under the orders of Emperor Haotian, the Lord of the fairy world,akba boswellic acid, and the Golden Mother of the Jade Pool. It was also to help Xuanyuan defeat Chiyou. Jiutian Xuannu, like Xuanyuan, was also a good marcher. With such an immortal coming to help, Xuanyuan welcomed him with joy. Soon, the two armies began to compete on the plain. Chiyou, you are now a member of my human race. I have nothing to say when you compete with me for the position of co-owner of the human race in the world. But why do you want to involve the sorcery race? Do you still want the world to return to the hands of the sorcery race? Before the two armies, Xuanyuan took the lead and shouted at Chiyou. Ha ha, Xuanyuan children, this prehistoric land is originally the sorcery clan, what's wrong with returning it to the sorcery clan now? Besides, when did I say I was a human race? I tell you that my Jiuli tribe has long been a witch clan! Chiyou retorted loudly. Chiyou, you are cruel by nature, and the sorcery clan is even more so. If you want the sorcery clan to regain the world, I will not agree! Xuanyuan shouted again. Xuanyuan children, if you want to fight, jujube seed powder ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, you can fight. Why do you want to talk about it? Am I still afraid of you? Chiyou's arrogant way. Seeing Chiyou like this, Xuanyuan also knew that it was useless to say more. With a wave of his big hand, countless Terran warriors with pikes stood in front of the Terran army. Throw! Accompanied by the general Bai Jian, countless pikes were thrown out of the hands of the Terran warriors. A sharp pike, with a sharp stab in the air, quickly flew toward the army of the Jiuli tribe. Hum Seeing this, Chiyou snorted coldly and turned to the army behind him and shouted, "Men, now is the time to show your toughness and heroism. Go ahead and knock down the vulnerable human beings on the opposite side!" The soldiers of the Jiuli tribe, after Chiyou's order, all went crazy. With a loud cry, they all rushed to the opposite Xuanyuan army, regardless of the sharp pikes falling from the air. Although the pike took away the lives of many nine Li soldiers, but that relative to nearly one million nine Li army, is only a drop in the bucket. In a twinkling of an eye, a large number of Jiuli soldiers rushed to the front of the Xuanyuan army. "Defense!" Looking at the approaching Jiuli soldiers, Bai Jian, who did not see the slightest panic, gave another order. Countless shields appeared in an instant in front of the Xuanyuan army, through the shield only to see the gap, countless pikes came out, harvesting the lives of the nine Li soldiers who dared to come forward. Soon the Xuanyuan soldiers' feet were already full of blood, and their pikes were either blunt because they had killed too much, or they were broken by the Jiuli soldiers. At this time, a large number of Jiuli soldiers rushed up, and the shield wall of the human race was breached in an instant. Suddenly, Xuanyuan drew out the Xuanyuan Sword that Maitreya had brought to him, and with a loud shout of "kill", he led the most elite soldiers of the human race to kill the nine Li soldiers who rushed over. Thus, a melee was launched in the plain. Shouting ShaSheng on the plain, blood flow into a river, a lot of life was harvested. The scuffle lasted from morning to night, with heavy casualties on both sides. Finally, Chiyou and Xuanyuan had to retreat at the same time and agreed to fight again tomorrow. There is another watch today, please look forward to it! Chapter 13 the battle for the deer (2). "Today's World War I, our losses can not be said to be heavy ah, two million troops are now only 1.2 million, this Jiuli tribe is really brave ah!" After counting the remaining military forces, Xuanyuan hesitated to face Guangchengzi, Jiutian Xuannu, Maitreya and other people who came to help him and his subordinates Bai Jian Cangjie. Yes, with the rest of these troops, I'm afraid we'll be wiped out by Chiyou tomorrow! Chang Jie is also worried. At this moment, Huanglong Zhenren, who had come with Guangchengzi, stood up and said,pumpkin seed extract, "If we had let our brothers go up today, Chiyou would have been destroyed long ago.". Tomorrow's World War I, please promise to let our brothers fight! 。