Dahan Yanhua (Revised Version)

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He shook his head, pressed down his strange thoughts and said with a smile, "We Huns also have many good women.

He shook his head, pressed down his strange thoughts and said with a smile, "We Huns also have many good women. When you come to my tribe, I will marry you the most beautiful girl in the tribe. Soon you will forget your wife." Zhang Yan laughed, shook a cup of grape wine, leisurely way, "it is said that the Huns worship the wolf most, think the wolf is the bravest animal." "Yes." "Then, King Zuogu Li knows that the wolf is also the most loyal animal.". Once it has chosen a mate, it will not abandon him until death? Me and him (her).. Growing up together, he has always been very good to me, care about my feelings, since he treats me with this heart, if I do not return him with one heart, is it unfair? The plover was stunned and did not know how to answer, so he had to deal with it with a smile. "Mr. Meng's heart is high, but I can't do it." But I can't see the mess in my smile. He got up hurriedly and said, "I'll go back first.". You need to get up early tomorrow, and you should have a good rest tonight. Zhang Yan smiled, drank the last mouthful of wine, and threw down the ear cup. Looking down from the hills, every tree and grass in Yanmen County is the scenery of his hometown, which is remembered in his heart. Will be the last time she stares for a short time. When fate is pressing, we can only accept it helplessly, and then find ways to fight back. She thought that she would slowly become silent, and then accumulate strength in her bones, and in the next opportunity,Self-closing Shower Valve, she would escape from that strange land and return here without looking back. But in any case, at this time, she could only remain silent and follow them obediently. Zhang Yan closed her eyes, sometimes, leaving is to come back better. Just like sometimes, although I miss you so much, I have to stay away from you. It seems that Zuogu Li Wang really values that Meng family boy. "I heard that they were drinking together on a hill just now, and they talked happily," Dona said softly to Timirona. Timirona's eyes flashed slightly and she ordered,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, "Help me call Tana and Gesang to come over." "No." Before Tana and her maid Gesang came to the front, they were watching Anshi, who was in charge of the safety of the tribe in Xiongqu, come out of the tent. The two maids looked at each other, bowed their chests in front of the tent, and said, "See you, servant." After a while, a voice came from the tent. "Come in." "Tomorrow I will leave for the Huns." Timirona ordered softly, "About Meng Ying, I don't intend to bring him back to Chanyu Court. I intend to place him in Xiongqu Department.". The two of you, one is strong, and the other has some fists and feet. I will put you all beside Meng Ying and serve you closely. You must not be neglected. But we have to be careful that he has the idea of running away again. If he does go away, I will only ask you two. The last sentence is already stern. Tana and Gesang looked at each other and curled their lips. Tana said, "I see that Mr. Meng is weak in his hands and feet. A male tiger has scared him for so many days before. I'm afraid he doesn't have the courage to escape again.". What's more, with Anshi Qianchang in charge of tribal defense, he couldn't escape even if he wanted to. "All right." Timirona suddenly scolded, and the two maidservants below him changed their faces. Fang said softly, "How is he? It's his business.". I personally sent you there. If you have a slack mind, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,stainless steel squatting pan, although I am married, I want to dispose of two maidservants in Xiongqu, but I can still do it. In September of the seventh year of the yuan Dynasty, the Xiongnu army, which had been stranded in the big fellow for two months and four days, finally broke camp and set off back to the grasslands. Well, try to get out of the next chapter. Make a fist. 213: Leave again. The Heishui River flows through Yanmen and Daiguo counties. After the siege of Baideng in the seventh year of Emperor Gaodi, the Han and the Xiongnu took the Heishui River as the boundary and set the boundary line between the two countries. Hundreds of Xiongnu army cheered in the black river, riding a horse, across the machete, with the fastest degree back home, and then unload the uniform, forget the killing on the battlefield, return to their own simple life of herdsmen. This trip in the big fellow two months of war to get the harvest, enough for them to spend a peaceful winter, until the next spring. And those who left their lives in the big fellow, because of the unique clan system of the Huns at this time, the wife who stayed in his hometown can remarry others, the children will be taken care of properly, after all, can also close your eyes and go. Timirona was a consort, and her chariots and horses did not travel with these ordinary Xiongnu soldiers. They would travel alone later, escorted by one thousand Kui's escorts and eight hundred Xiongqu warriors. As a result, Zhang Yan was given special care and assigned a carriage to travel with Ashuoto, Tana, Gesang and others. Zhang Yan leaned against the wall of the carriage, covered her face with her hands, and finally shed tears as the horses and chariots crossed the Heishui River. A Shuo asked her mother-in-law to look at the thin Han family boy with pity. Outside the carriage, Tana and Gesang sat on the handrail of the carriage, listening to the choking cries of the young man in the carriage. It was rare that there were no bad words. In this world, everyone has thousands of reasons to cry, this kind of tears because of the homeland and country, is the most profound one. No one is entitled to ridicule. After a long time, Zhang Yan finally calmed down. Lifting the curtain of the car, looking out from the car, from the Heishui River past, a hundred miles, are bare land, not even much grass, not to mention human habitation. Legend has it that this is the Xiongnu Ousai (border), the Xiongnu as a buffer, is the enemy to attack, has not yet crossed the Ousai, the native land has been known, ready to meet the enemy. Modu Chanyu early as Khan, strong neighbor Donghu asked him for a good horse, modu Chanyu gave; to ask it for the favorite ci E Kui, modu Chanyu also gave; Finally, Donghu think the Huns really have nothing to worry about, ask him for a piece of Ouse between the two tribes, courtiers all think that Ouse no vegetation, give it, the results of modu Chanyu anger, said the Huns good horse MeiJi can give up, only the territory inch not to let, will support the soil courtiers to kill, soldiers against Donghu, achievement of the initial hegemony of the Huns. Looking at the barren land outside the carriage,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Zhang Yan thought, when Liu Jie passed here, what was his mood? Be as frustrated as she is. cnkexin.com