Yeah doing this shows it bought at least but there are still

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I preordered mvp variant on ps4 and it has not appeared bought in my library yet, does it take some time for it to move there? I found Madden 23 Coins. I hope someone explains and answers it because I was about to pre-order exactly the same version and I want to find out if you have to wait till you are able to play or if it seems. Go thru Madden 23 and u will see that un arranged the Madden NFL 23 match. It will not appear in the library cuz u did not order it thru the PlayStation store.

Yeah doing this shows it bought at least but there are still. First while it's a unique listing it still redirects you to the PS Store listing for that variant so it is no different than buying one of those other variants and it should still be in the library using a countdown timer like another PS4 digital pre-order and it is not normal at all for it to not be. FIFA 23, NHL 23 and before releasing UFC 4 didn't have this difficulty when pre-ordering with the loyalty discount links through the preceding matches (At least they're fine in my end and I haven't heard of other people with this issue like there's with Madden).

It triggers an error if you try to enter your services list on PS4 and causes errors if you attempt to restore your permits, such as it ought to be Along with not showing up in the library. Even if the Madden NFL 23 game does register that it is bought as it stands there's nothing to tell the Madden NFL 23 match to unlock the MVP Edition content because that is what the professional services record does. Some people had the very same problems with Ghost of Tsushima so it appears to be some kind of issue on Sony's conclusion and with it seemed to correct itself if the pre-load went live so hopefully the exact same happens with this and we have nothing to be worried about.

Which really is the pre-load date so yeah like I said hopefully it will work itself out once the pre-load goes live because it did with the folks that had this problem with Ghost of Tsushima (Personally for me showed up in my library and stuff nice when I pre-ordered). People that purchased the Mafia trilogy are having the exact same problem with the Mafia remake so like so we don't need to be concerned 48, I said all indications are that it's some kind of bug on Buy Madden 23 Coins Sony's ending so far has worked itself out. But if you understand how PS4 work you would know this isn't normal and is still an issue in the making.