Mahomes began his season last year as an integral part of Madden 22

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The fact is that last season was not a great one for Rodgers. In 2020 Rodgers recorded a league-leading 48 touchdowns , and only five interceptions Madden 23 Coins. I don't know what EA has against Aaron Rodgers. Maybe it's the constant playoff disappointment. Maybe it's because he doesn't play as fast or like Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. As an individual his performance is among the best that you can find. It's about time to rate him as an example.

Patrick Mahomes was previously leaked as a 99 overall, and was the sole quarterback to be part of Madden 23's "99 Club." I know many say Patrick Mahomes had a down season last year and it could be the case, but that's based on his own standards that he's established. Mahomes has helped define the position of the quarterback and to be honest, we've been spoiled by his play these last few seasons.

In the five seasons he's been in the league including four seasons where he has been a starting quarterback, Mahomes has been a Pro Bowler four times. Mahomes is a real highlight reel who puts up video game numbers both in the air as well as on the ground. Although he's only 26 years old, Mahomes has already won the Super Bowl (and lost another). This year, he was playing in one of football's most thrilling Divisional Playoff games of all time with an exciting overtime shootout against Buffalo Bills. Buffalo Bills.

Mahomes began his season last year as an integral part of Madden 22. which is Madden 22's "99 Club" but was cut to an overall 98 mark in the week 8 game. Mahomes ended the season with a 97 overall mark. Even though it was an "down the year" for Mahomes', he managed to Buy Mut 23 Coins throw at least 37 scores. It was the turnovers -- 13 interceptions -- that cost his career.