Essential elements for a safe mini playpen

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mini playpen

Your baby's first bed must be comfortable and safe. There are many types of iron beds, wooden beds, fabric beds, and cradle beds on the market, each with its own strengths and strengths, and different styles. What kind of bed should you choose for your baby? Young parents are hesitant. In fact, the most important thing in choosing a bed for your baby is to consider safety factors.

When the baby sleeps, the mother will habitually put the pillow against the head of the bed and let the baby's head rest against the head of the bed. Sleeping like this can pose a safety hazard to the baby. Because some babies like to move around when they sleep, and generally move up, if the moving distance is too large, their head will hit the head of the bed. Therefore, it is best for mothers to put the pillow in the middle of the cot and let the baby's little feet sleep near the end of the bed.

1. Mini playpen spacing

If the distance between the mini playpen is too large, the child's body will easily slip out. If the distance is too small, it will affect the child's observation of the world outside the bed. The standard mini playpen spacing should be about 8cm.

2. Height of mini playpen

The height of the mini playpen should be no less than 60cm. Both sides of the mini playpen preferably have "sliding doors" that can be easily pulled up and down, so that it is easy to take care of the baby. But pay attention to check the firmness of the "sliding door" to prevent the baby from falling off the bed.

3. Bunk height

When choosing a bed for your baby, you should also decide according to your own bed height. The height of the baby's bed should be on the same plane as the adult's bed after the mattress is laid, or a little lower than the adult's bed, so that the mother can see the baby and supervise his activities while sleeping on the bed.

4. The width of the joint at the joint

If there is a gap between the bed board and the bed body, the guardrail and the head of the bed, if there is a gap greater than 5mm and less than 12mm, that is, the distance of 6-11mm is a dangerous gap. When deciding to buy a safe cot, don't forget to check this number.

5. Is the workmanship fine?

In general, for a bed with rough workmanship, the weld of the iron pipe will be very rough. With a bed like this your baby's little hands will suffer. In addition, carefully observe whether the nozzle of the iron pipe is closed. If the nozzle is not closed, seeing small holes will arouse the curiosity of the baby. When reaching out to explore, it is inevitable that you will be stabbed by welding slag and burrs in the iron pipe. In severe cases, the baby's fingers will be embedded in it. When making a small bed, screws and other objects are indispensable. When buying a bed, don't forget to observe whether there are any protruding screws inside the bed, so as to avoid accidentally hurting the baby.

6. Formaldehyde concentration

The bed board is basically composed of plywood, plywood and other wooden boards, and these boards will contain formaldehyde. Therefore, when buying a bed, if you smell a pungent odor, it means that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, and you should be cautious when buying this bed.

mini playpen