Top Security Alarm Company in Sugarland

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Preferred Home Technologies offers the highest quality and customer care available anywhere for Business & Home Alarm Systems.

PHT security systems are based in Houston and offer a full suite of alarm and monitoring services. We have a talented, dedicated, and highly professional team of engineers and technicians who can design, install, upgrade and repair security systems for your home and business across Woodlands and Houston. Get in touch with us today and arrange a survey of your property by our security experts today. 


Top-Tier Security Features 

PHT is a full-service security alarm company in Sugarland, offering a complete range of security solutions to homes and businesses. We utilize the most cutting-edge technology, including video surveillance, motion detection, remote access, and other automated systems, to safeguard the things that matter to you the most. Our customers trust us with 24x7 monitoring systems, security alarms, and smoke and fire detectors to protect their property regardless of the size. 


We're proud to render our services to the top businesses in Houston who trust us for our commitment and professionalism. PHT has also played a part in securing residential communities in Sugarland and nearby areas with the best security solutions. 


Our services aren't just limited to designing and installing security systems. We also lend our support long after, with servicing, maintaining, and upgrading your home and business security systems. You can also choose security systems with remote access technology to stay in control from anywhere and at any time. 


● Intruder Detection

● Fire and Smoke Sensors

● Remote Access Control

● Perimeter Monitoring


PHT security systems can ensure the complete safety of your family, home, employees, and business from small businesses to large corporations. 


PHT's groundbreaking technology and outstanding commitment will prevent all security and safety hazards to your family and high-value assets. Our security systems offer a holistic safety framework to safeguard your assets against any eventuality. PHT offers security guarantees against unauthorized intrusions, fire and smoke hazards, theft, and damage to property. PHT's systems also have the built-in feature to detect intrusions and immediately alert law enforcement agencies. 


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