At Regria Monastery leave by the southwest path

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This will likely be the first sight that you'll encounter. When you exit Prideholme Cathedral, follow the direction northeast to Neria's Tavern Lost Ark Gold. There is a Chain War Memorial Tree vista is right outside the cathedral, in the small garden to the left of the pathway.Church Ruins - Loghill Vista LocationWork your way through the gangs to reach the East Oratory, on the eastern side of the Loghill area. In the back of the ruins, is the Church Ruins view.

Collapsed Bridge Collapsed Bridge Loghill Vista LocationThe most efficient way to get to the Collapsed Bridge vista is from the Loghill Outpost Triport. From the outpost, go straight northeast to the next zone. If you look at the map you'll find blue arrows that indicate the crossing point to Toxiclaw Cavern. The vista will be visible across the road.Old Fishing Spot for Fishing - Loghill Vista LocationYou can leave on the Fiona Plains Triport in Loghill just as if you were heading to the point where you jump across the river, towards to the Prideholme portal. Just before the jump, in the area where the path turns to the to the southeast towards the east, the Old Fishing Spot view is on the left of the path at the bend.

Rethramis Border Monastery - Rethramis Border Vista LocationThe Regria Monastery Triport is located in the southern end of the square that houses the monastery. The view of the Rethramis Border Monastery is situated on the inside of this square, located on the left of the huge statue.Statue Of The Goddess Rethramis Border Vista Location

At Regria Monastery, leave by the southwest path. At the fork, head northwards into the Graveyard. You can then walk northwest, and then to the other side, where you'll discover gates leading into an uninvolved area with the Vengeful Spirit boss. Be careful if you're low the level of her, because she's got approximately 3.500 health, and is as well as a few other ghosts. It is believed that the Vengeful Spirit appears the front of a huge statue Cheapest Lost Ark Gold. Its Statue of the Goddess vista location is behind the statue. Watch out when she respawns and you're watching the view, she'll attack.