Music Video Production on a Low Budget

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If you are an unsigned band or musician you almost certainly don't have bucket loads of money to throw at marketing

But in order to make an impact you will need to think about new and creative ways that won't require huge investment. Making a music video is a very important part of creating an impact and getting your sound and personality across. Making an impact is one thing, but making a positive impact is crucial. Video production costs have come down a lot over the last few years, and by this I don't mean making a home made video with your iPhone or similar. If you want to get noticed and hopefully signed and are making a music video, you will be judged on the quality of your video production before your sound so its best to use a professional video production company. Here are some tips to help you prepare for making a music video production on a low budget:

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1. Before choosing a company, create a storyboard of your ideas that you can present to the production companies episode by episode, like a picture book.

2. Don't be over ambitious. Keep it simple stupid. The more complex the idea the more money it will cost.

3. Don't stuff you're video with effects in the editing process. Your music video isn't a showcase for how many effects you have mastered. Less is more as they say.

4. Think about using sound effects to enhance the video in places, such as the intro or outro.

5. Do anything you like - sometimes the best music videos break the boundaries and make a huge impact by ignoring all the rules - so if you want to make your video on your iPhone - go for your life. It had better be a great idea though.

There are plenty of video production companies out there to choose from. Ideally try and choose one that has experience of producing music videos, and even one that has produced videos in your genre of music. And always make sure you have a very clear brief to give the company and it's always a bonus if you get on with them. Oh yeah, and have fun!