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The moon phase watch has always been the watch that is most full of gentle and elegant beauty. It has been quite popular in the mechanical watch market in recent years, and the picture is vividly loved by consumers. However, how to adjust the moon phase table is to make many people who love the watch hurt.

Where is the moon phase device?

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Almost all the good things are on the dial. The moon phase display has a small umbrella-shaped window on the dial, which is set at 12 or 6 o'clock. This small window shows the moon phase changes of the new moon, the upper string, the full moon and the lower string.

How often does the moon phase meter adjust? How long is the moon phase chart running for a week? The time required for the moon phase to run for a week is about 29.5 days, so this type of watch uses 59 gears to display the age of 0 to 29.5, which will produce a one-day error every 33 months, so it must be re-adjusted after 3 years.

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Moon phase performance can be regarded as a simple entry-level watchmaking process for the Watches Factory. The production technology is not too difficult, and the problem that needs to be adjusted every time the calendar performance touches the size and month is accurate, but the fine chapter is true.

How to adjust the moon phase watch?

However, the adjustment of the moon phase table is more complicated. It is not like the calendar performance. You can refer to the date number of the day to make corrections. The best way is to adjust the operation instructions according to the manual. However, if there is no manual at hand, the adjustment will be based on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. Based on the full moon, the moon pattern of the moon phase table is aligned with the middle, and then adjusted according to the lunar calendar at that time. For example, if you want to adjust to the second day of the lunar calendar, the end of the lunar calendar last month is 29 days, then adjust the twenty. Nine minus fifteen, plus two can be, but if the lunar calendar has 30 days, then add another one day, which is usually operated by the quick-tuning button on the side of the moon phase case, or through Adjust by rotating the hoe.

Special reminder: the phase meter adjustment should avoid the time that is not suitable for the fast adjustment device.

Avoid the hour hand clockwise from 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock. Because the mechanical watch is from 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the evening, the gear of the quick dial button is in a tightly fitting state. It is easy to use the quick dial button. Something is not working. In addition, there are some special models, such as the moon phase watch of blancpain, but the moon phase quick dial button can't be used at 12 noon, so the way to change the way is to call back the hour hand before 8 o'clock, or After dialing up to 4 o'clock, use the quick button to adjust the date or moon phase, then adjust the time.

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