The Sun and Earth Pass Through Glenshane Pass by Astrophysics Teacher

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If you were driving over the Glenshane Pass this

Sun and earth transported over Glenshane Pass by astrophysics lecturer -  BBC News


It hosted the Our Place in Space artwork when moving from Londonderry to a new home in Belfast.

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The 10 km (six miles) long solar system was installed at Lough Foyle in Derry in April.Ryan Milligan Truck Driver university professor in astrophysics was charged with delivering the goods

Our Place in Space is one of five events taking place in Northern Ireland for the 2022 Unboxed: Creativity in the UK festival.The trail consists of a statue

approximately 4 meters (13 feet) tall with scale models of the Sun and each of the planets in the solar system.Ryan Milligan photographed with sculptures.