How to Activate Bravo TV on Roku

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This way you can route yourself to activate the Bravo TV app. We have started this article with the basic understanding and introduction about the Bravo app.

In an entertainment world the mood of audiences is unpredictable and with the new trend
and love for the TV series has proved the statement to an extent. Earlier it was the movies
that people used to wait for and now the TV series is the new hot, and the Bravo TV has
pioneered in presenting the best of TV series. Further in this article, you will get to know
how to Activate the Bravo TV app on your Roku Device using site.

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How to activate the Bravo TV channel via
In this section you will get to know the activation process of the Bravo TV channel, the few
things that you needed to complete the procedure are:

  • Roku Device with remote
  • Computer / mobile
  • Strong internet connection
    The process is quite simple, here we will be using the website for putting
    in the unique activation code. Few things to remember before proceeding further, you
    should have an account in for the channel activation and if you do not exist in
    Roku then you will have to create one. For that, you will have to visit the website
    and there you will be asked to enter a few details. Now you are done with your presence on
    Roku, now let’s understand in detail how to proceed further.
    1. At first, you need to login into the Roku streaming device using your details.
    2. Now you need to install the Bravo TV app on your Roku service providing device.
    3. For that, you need to visit your respective service provider application store and
    then search for the Bravo TV app.
    4. Now you need to download it by selecting “Add the Channel” option and wait for
    the download to complete.
    5. Also, you need to ensure that you have purchased the Bravo TV subscription and
    created the account with Bravo TV.
    6. Further, now you should open the channel you just downloaded, on your streaming
    7. After opening the app, the unique activation code will be displayed, note this code
    on a piece of paper.

8. Thereafter you have to visit the on your mobile, computer or
laptop and enter the activation code that you have just noted down and then click
9. Now you have successfully activated the app on your Roku streaming device.