Top 10 Moral Stories in Hindi for Kids

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The top 10 moral stories in hindi for kids are very easy to read and understand. Moral stories in Hindi means short instructive stories. After reading top 10 moral stories in hindi, you will come to know many such things which can solve any of your problems.


Friends, in this post we are sharing Top 10 Moral Stories in Hindi. Our childhood has been filled with a variety of entertaining, inspirational moral stories. These evergreen stories entertain people of all ages and also give them a lesson.

In childhood, grandparents or grandparents used to tell moral stories, but now the time has changed. In this age of internet, reading and listening to stories is happening from mobile only. Many articles and videos like Top 10 Moral Stories in Hindi are influencing children a lot on the internet.

Moral Stories in Hindi

  • Thirsty Crow
  • Golden Egg
  • Grapes are Sour
  • Two Cats Monkey
  • The Tortoise The Hare
  • Strength in Unity
  • The story of Birds
  • Bird's Nest
  • Fat Cock