Let's look at the black holes of our galaxy first. As society collapses

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We’ve seen a lot of marketing gimmicks

First look at our galaxy's black hole released just as society collapses  into itself


We've seen a lot of marketing tricks during our time spanning all things pop culture. But we have to say—you're ready for this, NASA presumes to wow everyone with the impending societal self-immolation. Astronomers have just revealed humanity's

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first reveal about the incomprehensible horror: the supermassive black hole that our entire Milky Way galaxy orbits all. Get hyped y'all!Scream! Just look at that... Well, let's not "look" too much,

because the black hole named Sagittarius A* is technically invisible to our pitiful human eyes, seeing that even light itself cannot escape this brutal celestial phenomenon. But look at the low resolution effect it has on the universe around it!