How To Measure A Wristwatch To Know Your Size

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The convenience of buying a watch without having to leave home has caused more and more users to wonder how to measure a wristwatch correctly. There are some important features that should not be overlooked when buying a watch from Watches Factory online, such as the fact that its fit is neither too loose nor too tight on the wrist.

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If you want to know how to measure your wrist accurately for a watch and avoid surprises when you get it at home after placing your order for one of our watches on sale, or what aspects you should consider when buying one or another model, We recommend that you do not miss our guide with some of the best recommendations.

To know how long a watch is and choose the correct size for your Engraved Gold Watch, you must take into account, above all, the diameter of the case, since it is the most important element so that the correct proportion between the watch and your wrist is adequate and it is not look neither too small nor too big.

If you are a man, the average size of a watch varies between 32 and 36 mm for dress or formal watches. If what you are looking for is a sports watch, the measurements of these usually range between 40 and 44 mm. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of watches with a large case, it can range from 45 to 56 mm. In the case of women, the watch case measures approximately between 24 and 28 mm.

One trick to get an idea of ??the size is to compare the case to a €1 coin, which is about 25mm. Knowing this information about the box will prevent you from the occasional surprise when you receive your new watch at home.

Other features to consider if you don't want your watch to look unusually large or small on your wrist are band length and width. The length of the band in the case of men usually ranges between 184 and 197 mm. Women have a recommended size between 165 and 180 mm depending on the thickness of your wrist. Typically, the band width is about half the diameter of the watch case, which can range from 8mm to 32mm in some cases. Swiss Luxury Watches Manufacturer can not only customize watches according to customer's specific designs and target price, but also can accept customer's own brands and OEM orders. They sincerely welcome your any inquiry or question at any time.